Bocchus fynbosensis Olmi, 2006,

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van, 2019, Dryinidae of the Afrotropical region (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea), Zootaxa 4630 (1), pp. 1-619: 271-273

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Bocchus fynbosensis Olmi, 2006


6. Bocchus fynbosensis Olmi, 2006 

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Bocchus fynbosensis Olmi 2006: 11  .

Description. ♂. Fully winged; body length 3.1–3.4 mm. Head black, except mandible testaceous; mesosoma black; metasoma brown; antenna brown; legs brown, exceept articulations, tarsi and protibia testaceous. Antenna filiform; antennomeres in following proportions: 15:8:10:10:10:10:9.5:10:10:13; antennomere 8 at least 3 × as long as broad (10: 3 in the holotype; 9: 3 in other specimen). Head convex, dull, covered with short setae, completely reticulate rugose and granulate; occasionally head granulate and with numerous slight irregular keels; frontal line complete (reduced to irregular track in front of anterior ocellus); occipital carina complete; POL = 7; OL = 4; OOL = 10; OPL = 2.5; TL = 5. In series of specimens from South Africa, 34°16.481’S 19°01.033’E, POL slightly shorter than OOL (7:8). Mesoscutum dull, completely granulate and sculptured by numerous irregular keels; occasionally mesoscutum granulate and without irregular keels; in some specimens from South Africa, 34°16.481’S 19°01.033’E, mesoscutum granulate, strongly rugose near posterior margin. Notauli incomplete, reaching approximately 0.4–0.6 × length of mesoscutum (0.4 × in holotype). In some specimens from South Africa, 34°16.481’S 19°01.033’E, notauli almost complete (distal part hardly visible among areolae present near posterior margin of mesoscutum). Mesoscutellum and metanotum dull, granulate, with few short irregular keels. Mesopleuron dull, granulate and partly reticulate rugose. Metapleuron dull, sculptured by numerous strong transverse keels. Metapectal-propodeal disc with strong transverse posterior keel, dull, reticulate rugose; propodeal declivity dull, reticulate rugose, with tracks of two complete longitudinal keels (tracks visible only under special conditions of light) and median area dull and as rugose as lateral areas. Forewing hyaline, without dark transverse bands; distal part of 2r-rs&Rs vein slightly longer than proximal part (14:13); 2R1 cell open. Genitalia in Fig. 102FView FIGURE 102. Tibial spurs 1/1/2.

♀. Unknown.

Material examined. Type: ♂ holotype: SOUTH AFRICA: Western Cape, Cape Town, Tokai State Forest, Constantiaberge , above Donkerboskloof , 34°02’S 18°23.5’E, 460 m, 6–13.XII.1994, MT, Mesic mountain Fynbos, Protea coronata  dominated, SAM-HYM-PO13715, S. van Noort leg. ( SAMC)GoogleMaps  . Other material: SOUTH AFRICA: Western Cape, Cape Town, Constantiaberg, Tokai Forest , pine plant, X–XI.1995, MT, S. van Noort leg.  , 1♂ ( SAMC); Western Cape, Walker Bay Nature Reserve , 34°27.41’S 19°21.39’E, 11.VIII–6.IX.1997, S. van Noort leg.GoogleMaps  , 2♂♂ ( SAMC, MOLC); Western Cape, Mossel Bay , 18–30.XI.1921, R.E. Turner leg.  , 1♂ ( NHMUK); Western Cape, Kogelberg Nature Reserve, 34°16.481’S 19°01.033’E, 16.XI–16.XII.1998, MT, Mesic Mountain Fynbos, last burnt c. 1978, S. van Noort leg.GoogleMaps  , 8♂♂ (7 in SAMC, 1 in MOLC); same locality label, 16.XI–16.XII.1999GoogleMaps  , 4♂♂ ( SAMC)  .

Hosts. Unknown.

Distribution. South Africa.


Iziko Museums of Cape Town


Natural History Museum, London














Bocchus fynbosensis Olmi, 2006

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van 2019

Bocchus fynbosensis

Olmi 2006: 11