Theognete clavisetosa Anderson, 2010

Anderson, Robert S., 2010, A taxonomic monograph of the Middle American leaf-litter inhabiting weevil genus Theognete Champion (Coleoptera: Curculionidae; Molytinae; Lymantini) 2458, Zootaxa 2458 (1), pp. 1-127 : 59-60

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.2458.1.1

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Theognete clavisetosa Anderson

new species

58. Theognete clavisetosa Anderson , new species ( Figures 136 View FIGURES 133–143 , 172 View FIGURES 172–174 , 207 View FIGURES 204–227 )

Diagnosis. Size. Length, male, 2.50–2.89mm; female, 3.09–3.29mm. Width, male, 1.29–1.60mm; female, 1.52–1.74mm. Eyes moderately separated. Pronotum weakly cordate, with scales very sparse, moderately long, fine, erect, recurved at extreme tip; punctures small, shallow; flanks with distinct oblique sulci. Elytra with scales very sparse, fine, suberect to erect, recurved and obviously wider at extereme tip. Aedeagus as in Fig. 172 View FIGURES 172–174 .

Geographical distribution. México (Chiapas).

Natural history. Collected from berlese extraction of oak-pine-liquidambar forest leaf litter at an elevation of 1500m.

Derivation of specific name. Named from the Latin clava, meaning club, and setosus, meaning bristly, in reference to the clavate vestiture of the elytra of this species.

Material examined. 7♂, 7♀♀ ( CMNC, ECOS). Holotype ♂ ( CMNC): MÉXICO: Chiapas. Lagos de Montebello, Cinco Lagos , 1500m, 22.IX.1992, 92-113, R.S. Anderson, liquidambar/oak/pine forest litter / HOLOTYPE ♂, Theognete clavisetosa sp. nov., R. S. Anderson. Aedeagus extracted. Paratypes: MÉXICO. Chiapas. Lagunas de Montebello, Cinco Lagos, 1500m, 21.IX.1991, R. Anderson, oak/pine Liquidambar forest , 91-115 (2♂ CMNC). Lagunas de Montebello , Cinco Lagos , 1500m, 22.IX.1992, R. Anderson, liquidambar/oak/pine forest litter, 92-113 (4♂, 3♀♀ CMNC, ECOS). Municipio Trinitaria , Lagunas de Montebello , 11.VIII.1995, R. Jones HR (1♀ ECOS). Municipio La Trinitaria , Parque Nacional Lagos de Montebello , Cinco Lagos , 1500m, 16°06.072 N, 91°40.442 W, 20.VII.2007, R.Anderson, mixed liquidambar forest litter, 2007-023 (3♀♀ CMNC, ECOS) GoogleMaps .

Chorological relationships. Sympatric with T. zapatista and T. schaubeli .