Rubus cacoeimon A.Beek, 2021

Beek, Abraham Van De, 2021, Rubi Capenses: a further contribution to the knowledge of the genus Rubus (Rosaceae) in South Africa, Phytotaxa 515 (1), pp. 1-71 : 35-37

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Rubus cacoeimon A.Beek

stat. nov.

13. Rubus cacoeimon A.Beek View in CoL stat. nov.

Replaced synonym:— Rubus rigidus f. umbrosus Gustafsson (1934: 58) View in CoL .

Lectotype (designated here):— SOUTH AFRICA. Eastern Cape: ‘Prov. Cap.: prope Port Elizabeth, in convalle Bethelsdorp Kloof’ , 31 August 1930, Exped. Suecica in Africam Austr. et Rhodesiam austr. 1930–31, nr. 303, Fries, Norlindh & Weimarck ( PRE). ( Fig. 12A View FIGURE 12 )

Syntype:— SOUTH AFRICA. Eastern Cape: Port Elizabeth [mount Suurberg, see Gustafsson (1934)], 7 September 1930, Fries, Norlindh & Weimarck 709 ( PRE) .

Floricane roundish or bluntly angular, pruinose, with appressed hairs; prickles 4–5 per 5 cm, unequal, longest ones patent or slightly declining, with curved tip, 4–6 mm long. Flowering branch ( Fig. 12B View FIGURE 12 ) bluntly angular to roundish, short tomentose; prickles 4–8 per cm, unequal, subulate, patent or declining, straight or with curved tip, up to 3–5 mm long; stipules linear-lanceolate, 7–10 mm. Leaves 3-foliolate, adaxially almost glabrous, abaxially ( Fig. 12C View FIGURE 12 ) short soft hairy and tomentose, greenish or grey; tomentum often very irregular, sometimes apical leaves greener than basal ones (hence epithet cacoeimon : ‘badly dressed’); serrature irregular, often short periodical, sharp, with long mucros; central leaflet 35–40 mm long, broad ovate or rhombic, with emarginate or cordate base, acute or attenuate into short tip, width–length index 0.73–0.94, length of petiolule 18–31% of length of leaflet. Inflorescence ( Figs 12D–E View FIGURE 12 ) short, triangular, dense, with short appressed hairs, with scattered prickles; pedicels ( Fig. 12F View FIGURE 12 ) 0–3 mm, short grey tomentose, without prickles. Flowers: sepals ovate, short pointed, erect, grey tomentose; petals as long as sepals.

Distribution: —On scattered localities from Bredasdorp (Western Cape) to Kokstad (KwaZulu-Natal), South Africa.

Specimens:— SOUTH AFRICA. KwaZulu-Natal: Kokstad, 10 km to Franklin , 9 November 1980, Stirton 8146 ( PRE, ‘ Rubus rigidus Sm. var. rigidus’) . Western Cape: Buffelsjagrivier, Bredasdorp, 24 September 1976, Stirton 8168 ( PRE, ‘ Rubus rigidus Sm. var. rigidus ’); Riversdale, Ladysmith Road, Garcia’s Pass, 20 January 1991, Henderson 1115 ( PRE) . Eastern Cape: Humewood, Port Elizabeth , 30 August 1966, Dahlstrand 451 ( PRE) .














Rubus cacoeimon A.Beek

Beek, Abraham Van De 2021

Rubus rigidus f. umbrosus

Gustafsson 1934: 58
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