Sthenocephalus indicus Koehler, 1898

Baker, Alan N., Okanishi, Masanori & Pawson, David L., 2018, Euryalid brittle stars from the International Indian Ocean Expedition 1963 - 64 (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea: Euryalida), Zootaxa 4392 (1), pp. 1-27: 5-6

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Sthenocephalus indicus Koehler, 1898


Sthenocephalus indicus Koehler, 1898 

( Figs. 2E –FView FIGURE 2, 3View FIGURE 3)

Sthenocephalus indicus Koehler, 1898: 112  , pl. 5 figs. 48,49; Döderlein, 1927: 82, pl. 8 figs. 3-6.

Material Examined. USNM 1072462View Materials, Anton Bruun Cruise 1 Station 17, southern Andaman Sea, 7° 38’N 97° 09’E, 275–280m, 21 March 1963, 1 specimen ( Fig. 2E –FView FIGURE 2).GoogleMaps 

Remarks. This specimen (18.5 mm disc diameter and 100 mm arm length) has 22 arm segments before the first arm branch ( Fig. 2E –FView FIGURE 2), thus identifying it as S. indicus  rather than the closely related S. anopla ( H. L. Clark 1911)  , from the East China Sea, which has 12–17 pre-branch segments ( Irimura & Kubodera 1998). There are at least 6 arm bifurcations in total. The distal ends of the radial shields carry granules and fine tubercles ( Fig. 2EView FIGURE 2), and the arms have a double median row of small round tubercles up to the first branch ( Fig. 3AView FIGURE 3), and small grains thereafter over the rest of the arm ( Fig. 3BView FIGURE 3). There are hook-shaped arm spines distally ( Fig. 3CView FIGURE 3), and two clubshaped arm spines proximally ( Fig. 3DView FIGURE 3). The lateral arm plates meet on the oral midline ( Fig. 3DView FIGURE 3); this is a feature of this genus.

The type specimen of S. indicus  was collected at Gaspar Strait in Indonesia by the survey vessel Investigator ( Koehler 1898)  , and further material has since been recorded from the Indian Ocean in 36–467 meters. The present specimen was taken from the outer shelf in the southern Andaman Sea between Phuket and the Nicobar Islands. The material described by Liao & A. M. Clark (1995) as Sthenocephalus indicus  may yet prove to be Sthenocephalus anopla ( Liao & A. M. Clark 1995)  . Euryale anopla H. L. Clark, 1911  , from southern Japan, was redescribed by Mortensen (1933a) as Stenocephalus (sic) indicus var. anopla  . Irimura & Kubodera (1998) restored anopla  as a distinct species in their new combination Sthenocephalus anopla ( H. L. Clark, 1911)  , a step that was followed by Fujita & Irimura (2005).














Sthenocephalus indicus Koehler, 1898

Baker, Alan N., Okanishi, Masanori & Pawson, David L. 2018

Sthenocephalus indicus

Koehler, 1898 : 112
Döderlein, 1927 : 82