Ipsiura neolateralis ( Bohart, 1966 ),

Lucena, Daercio A. A., Kimsey, Lynn S. & Almeida, Eduardo A. B., 2016, The Neotropical cuckoo wasp genus Ipsiura Linsenmaier, 1959 (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae): revision of the species occurring in Brazil, Zootaxa 4165 (1), pp. 1-71: 49-52

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Ipsiura neolateralis ( Bohart, 1966 )


Ipsiura neolateralis ( Bohart, 1966) 

( Figs 135–140View FIGURES 135 – 140)

Neochrysis (Ipsiura) neolateralis Bohart, 1966: 143  . Holotype Ƌ [examined]: USA, Illinois, Franklin County, West Frankfort (BME).

Ipsiura neolateralis: Bohart 1985: 710  .

Diagnosis. Ipsiura neolateralis  most closely resembles I. catamarcae Bohart  and I. venezuelae Bohart. It  can be distinguished from these and other Ipsiura  species by the following combination of characters: fore femur flattened distally, produced ventrally into a tooth-like projection (fore femur flattened distally but not projecting ventrally in I. venezuelae  ); TFC forming a rectangular enclosure, distinctly angulate laterally, closed medially (round, longer than broad, and usually interrupted medially in I. catamarcae  and I. venezuelae  ); fore wing with short M distal to discoidal cell (long M in I. venezuelae  ) and metanotum cristate (punctate to irregularly serriform in I. catamarcae  and I. venezuelae  ).

Male description. Body ( Fig. 135View FIGURES 135 – 140). Length: 8.9 mm. Coloration: head predominantly green; F1 light brown green; mesosoma metallic bluish green, with faint bluish highlights on dorsum, particularly on pronotum and mesoscutum; metasoma metallic bluish green, with bluish purple transverse stripes on dorsum of T1 and T2; T3 with broad lateral whitish spot; wing membrane light brown, with brown veins; femora and tibiae greenish; tarsi brown, meso- and hind basitarsus greenish brown. Head: TFC forming rectangular enclosure, angulate laterally, closed medially ( Fig. 136View FIGURES 135 – 140); F1 longer than broad, 1.3× as long as F2; scapal basin densely covered with silvery pubescence. Mesosoma: fore femur with distinct flattened area on distal margin, producing ventrally into a toothlike projection, diameter of distal area subequal to diameter of proximal area; fore wing with short M distal to discoidal cell, R1 shorter than stigma (as in Fig. 190View FIGURE 190); dorsal surface of pronotum wider than head; lower lateral pronotal surface irregularly punctate anteriorly, with distinct posterior area delimited by transverse ridge; metanotum serrated to cristate medially; mesopleural lower posterior margin carinate, with distinct tooth-like projections. Metasoma: T3 with six acute distal teeth ( Fig. 137View FIGURES 135 – 140), with well-developed pit row, marked by large and deep foveae, with strongly convex prepit swelling; S2 spots large, touching medially ( Fig. 138View FIGURES 135 – 140). Punctation: fore femur impunctate on outer surface; largest punctures on T1, mesopleuron and metanotum; definite punctures on dorsum of head, meso- and metasoma, shallow punctures mostly on T2 and T3. Genital capsule ( Fig. 139View FIGURES 135 – 140): cuspis slightly shorter than gonostylus; digitus narrow, clavate apically, longer than cuspis; cuspis broad basally; gonostylus and cuspis setose apically; aedeagus lobes elaborate.

Female. Same as male, except for the characteristic shape of S2 spots as shown in Fig. 138View FIGURES 135 – 140.

Variation. Body length 8.6–8.9 mm.

Host. Unknown.

Distribution. Costa Rica (Guanacaste); El Salvador (La Libertad); Mexico (Chiapas, Jalisco, Nayarit, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas); USA (Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia) ( Fig. 140View FIGURES 135 – 140).

Material examined. USA: Illinois, Franklin Co. West Frankfort , vii.3.1963, coll R.M. Bohart Collector / Holotype Ƌ [BME]  . USA: Texas, Austin 6.viii.1953 coll. J.C Gillaspy / Paratype 1Ƌ [BME]. Brownwood 11.ix.1920 coll. M.A Cazier / Paratype 1Ƌ [BME]  . Texas, Liano Co. 11.vi.1941 coll. E.Gillas / Paratype 1♀ [BME]. Liano 11.vi.1941 coll. J.E Gillaspy / Paratype 1♀ [BME]. Nueces River Uvalde 2.vii.1917 coll. J. Bequaert / Paratype 1Ƌ [BME]  . Arkansas, Pyatt 2.vii.1957 coll. J.C Downey / Paratype 1♀ [BME]  . Illinois, Crab. Orchard Lake Williamson 25.vi.1957 coll. J.C Downey / Paratype 1Ƌ [BME]  . Kansas, Stocktoy / Paratype 1♀ [BME]  . Texas, Texas / Paratype 1♀ [BME]  . USA: Bourbon ? 1915 coll. R.H Beamer / Paratype 1Ƌ [BME]  . EL SALVADOR: La Libertad, Quezaltepeque 17.vi.1963 coll. D. Cavagnaro & M.E. Irwin / Paratype 1♀ [BME]  . MEXICO: Chiapas, 3 mi North Petalcingo 21.viii.1963 coll F.D Parker & L.A Stange / Paratype 1Ƌ [BME]  . Jalisco, 3 mi s.e. Plan de Barrancas 8.vii.1963 coll. F.D Parker & L.A Stange / Paratype 1Ƌ [BME]  . Morelos, 6 mi south Temixco 16.vii.1963 coll. F.D Parker & L.A Stange / Paratype 1Ƌ [BME]  . Sinaloa, 8 mi south Elota 26.viii.1963 coll. F.D Parker & L.A Stange / Paratype 1Ƌ [BME]. Mazatlan 10.ix.1957 coll. R & K Dreisbach / Paratype 1Ƌ [BME]  . Nayarit, Navarrete 28.vii.1953 coll. D. Rockefeller / Paratype 1♀ [BME]. 

Additional material. COSTA RICA: Guanacaste, EJN 14km South Canãs 28.x.1985  , 1♀, coll. F.D Parker [BME]. Prov. Liberia 6.viii.1964  , 1♀, coll. M.G Naumann [BME]. MEXICO  : Chihuahua, 2 mi North Temoris 22.viii.1968  , 1♀, coll. T.A Sears; R.C Gardner & C.S Giaer [BME]. Colima, 23 mi North Manzanillo 26.viii.1970, 2♀, coll. MS & JS Wasbauer [BME]  . Jalisco, Guadalajara, 1Ƌ 1♀ [BME]  . Sinaloa, Concordia 4.vii.1963  , 1♀, coll. F.D Parker & L.A Stange [BME]. Tamaulipas, Matamorosa 21.v.1979  , 1♀, coll. J.R Lara [BME]. USA: Arizona, Madera Cyn. Pima County 21.viii.1977, 1♀, coll. R.W Brooks [BME]  . Maryland, NW Branch Pk Montgomery 19.ii.1971  , 1♀, coll. M.S. Menke [BME]. Nebraska, Lincoln 29.vi.1925  , 1♀, coll. R.W Dawson [BME]. South Carolina  , Aiken 6.vii.1958, 2Ƌ  , coll. R.R Suelling & M.D Suelling [BME]. Texas, Bexar County 8.ii.1931  , 1♀, coll. H.B Parks [BME]. El Paistle Kenedy County 4.xi.1978  , 1♀, coll. J.E Gillaspy [BME]. Kleberg County 2.v.1985, 1Ƌ 1♀  , coll. W.J Pulawski [BME]. Kleberg County 3.v.1985, 1Ƌ  , coll. W.J Pulawski [BME]. Liberty 6.v.1934  , 1♀ [BME]. 8 mi W Premont Duval County 7.iv.1980  , 1♀, coll. J.R Lara [BME]. Site 55 Kleberg County 21.ii.1975  , 1♀, coll. J.E Gillaspy [BME]. Same data except 7.ix.1980  , 1♀, [BME]. Williamson 8.vi.1934, 1Ƌ, coll J.E Gillaspy [BME]. Washington DC vii.1944, 1 ♀, R.M Bohart [BME]  . Virginia, Hoods Richmond 1.vi.1927, 1Ƌ, coll. G.W Underhill [BME]. 

Comments. The redescription above is based on a paratype male from USA: Texas, Nueces River Uvalde. 


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Ipsiura neolateralis ( Bohart, 1966 )

Lucena, Daercio A. A., Kimsey, Lynn S. & Almeida, Eduardo A. B. 2016

Neochrysis (Ipsiura) neolateralis

Bohart 1966: 143

Ipsiura neolateralis:

Bohart 1985: 710