Dirrhagofarsus Fleutiaux, 1935

Otto, Robert L., Muona, Jyrki & Mcclarin, Jim, 2014, Description of Dirrhagofarsus ernae n. sp. with a key to the known Dirrhagofarsus species (Coleoptera: Eucnemidae), Zootaxa 3878 (2), pp. 179-184: 179-180

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Dirrhagofarsus Fleutiaux, 1935


Dirrhagofarsus Fleutiaux, 1935 

Type-species: Microrhagus lewisi Fleutiaux. 

(= Attenuorhagus Olexa, 1975  . Type-species Hypocaelus attenuatus Mäklin  )

Diagnosis. (Tribe Dirhagini  ) Head with transverse belt of microcombs on vertex, lateral keels on frons, deep sensory pits on front margin of large eyes, interrupted lateral pronotal keels, well-developed notosternal antennal grooves with cranially obliterated median ridge, simple male protarsomere 1, metacoxal plates abruptly narrowing laterad, acutely produced apex of last ventrite, male aedeagus with well-developed secondary lateral lobes, acute, apically narrowing lateral lobes, bridged, bifid, narrow median lobe apex and no ventral plate. The aedeagus of D. lewisi  differs from those of the other species by the abruptly constricted apical region; secondary lateral lobes are of the same length as those of D. modestus  .

Terminology follows Muona (1993) and Muona & Teräväinen (2009). The trans-Palaearctic and very rare D. attenuatus (Mäklin)  is a complex of species. We have included the true D. attenuatus  in the key on the basis of the syntypes JM studied.