Zoropsidae Bertkau, 1882

Polotow, Daniele & Griswold, Charles, 2017, Cleaning old cabinets: revealing the taxonomy of Sri Lankan wolf spiders (Araneae, Udubidae and Zoropsidae), Zootaxa 4362 (1), pp. 51-74: 64

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Zoropsidae Bertkau, 1882


Zoropsidae Bertkau, 1882 

TypE gEnus Zoropsis SImOn, 1878  : 327 (TypE spEcIEs by mOnOtypy: Dolomedes spinimanus  DuFOur, 1820)

Diagnosis. Zoropsidae  were radically redelimited by Polotow et al. (2015) and are consistently supported by molecular data, as well as by three homoplastic morphological synapomorphies on the male palp: presence of a type 2 ventral tibial process, a rounded to oval cymbium ( Figs 9EView FIGURE 9, 11AView FIGURE 11, 12AView FIGURE 12) and a cymbial retrolateral process (absent from Devendra  ).

Composition. The family includes 26 genera and 178 species, distributed among four subfamilies.

Distribution. Worldwide.

Note on Griswoldiinae. The genus Devendra  was placed in Machadoniinae  ( Miturgidae  ) by Lehtinen (1967: 318), later ( Griswold 1993; Raven & Stumkat 2005) the genus was related to Phanotea  and Griswoldia  (ex Machadonia). Silva Dávila (2003) recognized a clade named as “phanoteans” including Griswoldia  , Phanotea  and an undescribed Chilean spider (later placed in Zoropsidae  by Piacentini et al. 2013). The subfamily Griswoldiinae ( Zoropsidae  ) was proposed by Raven & Stumkat (2005), enlarged with the inclusion of the South American genera Itatiaya Mello-Leitão, 1915  ( Polotow & Brescovit 2006; 2010) and Cauquenia Piacentini et al., 2013  , and recently redefined (Polotow et al. 2015) to include genera from Africa ( Griswoldia  and Phanotea  ), Australia ( Austrotengella Raven, 2012  ), South America ( Itatiaya  and Cauquenia  ) and Sri Lanka ( Devendra  ).