Megalomma mushaense Gravier 1908a, Gravier, 1908

Tovar-Hernández, María Ana & Carrera-Parra, Luis F., 2011, Megalomma Johansson, 1925 (Polychaeta: Sabellidae) from America and other world-wide localities, and phylogenetic relationships within the genus 2861, Zootaxa 2861 (1), pp. 1-71: 42

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Megalomma mushaense Gravier 1908a


Megalomma mushaense Gravier 1908a  

Figure 18K–R View FIGURE 18

Branchiomma mushaensis Gravier, 1908a: 94–97   , Pl. 7, Figs 267–270.

Megalomma mushaense   .— Knight-Jones, 1997: 314, Fig. 4N View FIGURE 4 .

Type material examined. [ MNHN] 555, holotype, Branchiomma mushaensis Gravier, 1908a   , Red Sea, Djibouti, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Tadjoura, in Pocillopora   , female with oocytes in medium abdomen, partially dry.

Diagnosis. Eyes in most radioles (spherical); dorsal margins of collar fused to faecal groove; dorsal lappets and dorsal pockets present; thoracic chaetae Type C; abdominal chaetae narrowly hooded.

Description. Radiolar eyes in most radioles, spherical. Dorsalmost radioles with long tips decreasing gradually towards ventral radioles. Dorsal collar margins fused to faecal groove ( Fig. 18K View FIGURE 18 ). Dorsal lappets present, rounded, not longer than lateral collar margins. Dorsal pockets present ( Fig. 18K View FIGURE 18 ). Ventral lappets with rounded anterior margins, not overlapped. Anterior peristomial ring not exposed dorsally. Lateral collar margins not covering basal union of radioles. Dorsal lips and dorsal pinnular appendages unknown. Ventral lips unknown. Ventral sacs present. Caruncle absent. Keel unknown. Thoracic tori longest on chaetiger 2. Notopodial fascicles with superior group of elongate, narrowly hooded chaetae ( Fig. 18L–M View FIGURE 18 ); and an inferior group of chaetae Type C ( Fig. 18O View FIGURE 18 ). Thoracic uncini with crest surmounted by 7–9 rows of numerous minute teeth, handles 1.5x length of main fang ( Fig. 18Q View FIGURE 18 ). Companion chaetae with teardrop-shaped membranes ( Fig. 18N View FIGURE 18 ). Abdominal chaetae narrowly hooded ( Fig. 18R View FIGURE 18 ). Abdominal uncini with main fang surmounted by 8–10 rows of numerous minute teeth ( Fig. 18P View FIGURE 18 ).

Remarks. Megalomma mushaense   is unique by having dorsalmost radioles with long tips decreasing gradually towards ventral radioles and dorsal lappets rounded, shorter than lateral collar margins. Dorsal lappets in M. phyllisae   , M. quadrioculatum   and M. vesiculosum   are short, equal in length to lateral collar margins. In M. acrophthalmos   , M. fauchaldi   , M. lanigera   , M. perkinsi   , M. sp., and M. nechamae   dorsal lappets are also rounded but longer than lateral collar margins.


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Megalomma mushaense Gravier 1908a

Tovar-Hernández, María Ana & Carrera-Parra, Luis F. 2011

Branchiomma mushaensis

Gravier, C. 1908: 97