Camponotus alii Forel, 1890

Christoph Germann, 2017, On the Auguste Forel ant collection in the Naturmuseum Solothurn, Switzerland: current state and illustrated type catalogue (Hymenoptera, Formicidae), Revue suisse de Zoologie 124 (2), pp. 241-254: 248

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Camponotus alii Forel, 1890


Camponotus alii Forel, 1890 

( Figs 3FView Fig. 3, 4SView Fig. 4) 3 syntypes (☿): “ C. alii ☿ Forel Djebel Ozmor  p. Tebessa, 1380 m (Forel) Type”.

The label data corresponds perfectly with the original description by Forel (1890: LXIII) where he stated: “Forêts de pins du Djébel Ozmor près Tébessa de 1100 à 1300 mètres...”.

C. bugnioni Forel, 1899 

( Figs 1EView Fig. 1, 4EView Fig. 4) 3 syntypes (☿): “ C. Bugnioni  ☿ Dibulla, Colombie (Forel)”. Fits perfectly with the indicated type locality-area given by Forel (1899: 131): “Hab. [Habitat] Colombie, forêts du pied de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, de Dibulla à Santa Marta.”