Prosopogryllacris incisa, Li, Miaomiao, Liu, Xianwei & Li, Kai, 2016

Li, Miaomiao, Liu, Xianwei & Li, Kai, 2016, Four new species of the subfamily Gryllacridinae (Orthoptera: Gryllacrididae) from China, Zootaxa 4161 (2), pp. 282-288 : 286-287

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4161.2.10

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Prosopogryllacris incisa

sp. nov.

4. Prosopogryllacris incisa sp. nov.

( Figs. 11–14 View FIGURES 11 – 14 ) Orthoptera

Description. Male. Body large, robust. Fastigium of vertex arched, about 2 times as broad as scape; eye elongateoval, prominent; median ocellus rounded, prominent ( Fig. 11 View FIGURES 11 – 14 ). Fore and hind margins of pronotum slightly convex. Tegmina almost exceeding the apex of hind femur; tegmen with R vein with 2 branches, Rs occurred at the middle of R, with furcation; M vein simple; CuA with 2 branches, A with 4; wings slightly extending beyond tegmina. Fore and mid tibiae with 5 pairs of spurs on both margins of ventral surface, mid tibia with an internal apical spur on dorsal surface; hind tibia on dorsal surface with 7–8 outer spines and 3 inter spines. Hind femur armed dorsally with 6 outer spines and inter spines. 10th abdominal tergite with a median longitudinal sulcus and a pairs of spinelike processes ( Figs. 12–13 View FIGURES 11 – 14 ). Cerci long, cylindrical, with triangular basal lobe. Hind margin of subgenital plate with V-shape notch, styli long.

Female. Mid process of female 7th abdominal sternum short and broad. Caudal margin of subgenital plate with V-shaped notch, caudal margin of lobes rounded ( Fig. 14 View FIGURES 11 – 14 ). Ovipositor longer than hind femur, slightly curved upwards, apex truncate.

Coloration. Body pale yellowish-brown, legs pale yellow-green. Ocellus yellow. Apex of tegmina with veins dark brown.

Measurements. (length in mm).

Material. Holotype, ♂, China, Guizhou, Jiangkou, Fanjing Mountain , 2001. VII.29, collected by Shi Fu-Ming . Paratype, 1♀, China, Hunan, Zhangjiajie , 1985. X.11, collected by Kang Le ; 1♀, China, Hunan, Zhangjiajie , 2001. VIII.7, collected by Du Xi-Cui ; 1♀ (nymph), China, Guizhou, Xishui, Sanchahe , Alt. 1100m, 2006. X.21–25, collected by Liu Xian-Wei and Zhou Shun ; 1♂, China, Guangxi, Wuming, Daming Mountain , 2013. VII.19–25, collected by Liu Xian-Wei et al. ; 1♂, Chongqin, Beibei, Jinyunshan , Alt. 300–900m, 2014. VII.29–30, collected by Li Miao-Miao et al.

Distribution. China (Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Chongqing).

Discussion. This new species is very similar to P. japonica (Matsumura et Shiraki, 1908) and P. cylindrigera ( Karny, 1926) , differs from the former in the hind margin of male subgenital plate with V-shaped notch and differs from the latter in the mid process of female 7th abdominal sternum being short and broad.

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