Ciriacremum Enderlein,

Rendón-Mera, Diana Isabel, Serna, Francisco & Burckhardt, Daniel, 2017, Generic synopsis of the jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Psylloidea) from Colombia, Zootaxa 4350 (3): -1

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Ciriacremum Enderlein


Ciriacremum Enderlein 

( Figs 27View FIGURES 10 – 27, 55View FIGURES 47 – 58, 66View FIGURES 59 – 70, 82View FIGURES 81 – 83)

Diagnosis: Body matt, moderately covered with short hairs ( Fig. 66View FIGURES 59 – 70). Head wider than pronotum; genae from slightly swollen to having well-developed processes; anteoccipital lobes present ( Fig. 27View FIGURES 10 – 27). Antennae from 1.2 to more than 5.5 times longer than head width; segments bearing short hairs. Forewing ellipsoid, usually hyaline, rarely with dark pattern; pterostigma present; veins usually bearing short hairs; long crossvein rs-m present ( Fig.View FIGURES 47 – 58

55). Protibia with or without a single seta dorsally; meracanthus prominent; metatibia with genual spine and 1+3+1 apical spurs.

Biology and damage: Immatures are free-living ( Hollis 1976).

Host-plants: Caesalpinioid Fabaceae ( Hollis 1976)  .

Distribution: Afrotropical, one described species in the Neotropics ( Hodkinson 1989).

Remarks: This is the first record of this genus in Colombia. Ciriacremum setosum Crawford  , reported from Guyana and Nicaragua ( Hodkinson & White 1981), is the only described Neotropical species but the genus is represented by several undescribed species in Central and South America ( NHMB data).

Examined material: Ciriacremum  sp.: Santander: 1 (female), Cimitarra, Corr. Puerto Olaya  , Central Termocentro ISAGEN, 110 m, 31-Aug-2005, white light trap (M. Castaño & C. Rivera), CEUA 89018  . Magdalena: 1 (female), Parque Tayrona a pueblito, 21-Aug-1976 (C. Kluger & F. Martínez), IAvH-E-161403. 


Naturhistorisches Museum, Basel