Coonoorophilus monstruosus, Carl, 1932: 487 - 489

Hollier, John, Stöckli, Eduard, Wesener, Thomas, Mesibov, Robert, Decker, Peter & Sierwald, Petra, 2020, An annotated list of the millipede (Diplopoda) species described by Johann Carl, Revue suisse de Zoologie 127 (1), pp. 183-240 : 216-217

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Coonoorophilus monstruosus


monstruosus Carl, 1932: 487-489 View in CoL , figs 109-113 [ Coonoorophilus ].

Nilgiris: Kleine Dschungel unterhalb Coonoor, 1500 m, zwischen Laub und Moder, 24.XII, ♀ typus; Elkhil, 2400 m, Shola unter Steinen, 19.I.27; Dodabetta Reserved Forest, 2400 m, unter faulem Holz, 11.I.1927; Avalanche, 1800 m. Unspecified series.

The MHNG collection contains eight specimens in alcohol in two jars. The first jar (MHNG-ARTO-18586) contains a vial with two smaller vials in it. One tube holds fragments of a specimen and has a label with “Fragments ♂ ♀ typus!” written on it, the other holds a gonopod. The identification label in the larger tube has “ ♀ ♂ type Coonoor 24.XII ” written on it, corresponding to locality data given for the specimen designated as the type. The second jar (MHNG-ARTO-18587) contains two vials, each with several specimens with different locality labels separated by cotton wool plugs. The first vial contains two specimens with the data label “Nilgiris, Elkhill 19.I.27 ” and two specimens with the data label “Nilgiris Dodabetta R.F.” The second vial has one specimen with the data label “Nilgiris Avalanche” and two specimens with the data label “Nilgiris Coonoor”. In the text of the original description Carl states that his type is a gynandromorph. The other specimens could be considered paratypes. Coonoorphilus monstruosus is the type species of the genus Coonoorphilus Carl, 1932 by monotypy ( Jeekel, 1971).

Coonoorophilus monstruosus Carl, 1932 , Fuhrmannodesmidae


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle

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