Stemmiulus mulierosus, Carl, 1937: 242 - 249

Hollier, John, Stöckli, Eduard, Wesener, Thomas, Mesibov, Robert, Decker, Peter & Sierwald, Petra, 2020, An annotated list of the millipede (Diplopoda) species described by Johann Carl, Revue suisse de Zoologie 127 (1), pp. 183-240 : 217-218

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Stemmiulus mulierosus


mulierosus Carl, 1937: 242-249 View in CoL , figs 1-3 [ Diopsiulus ].

[No precise locality data]. Unspecified number of ♂ and ♀.

Carl (1941b: 586) gave the locality data “Anaimalais: Kokumalai, bei Attakatti (1000 m), im lichten Busch, unter Steinen, exponiert und trocken, III.1927.” The MHNG collection contains 45 syntypes in alcohol in six vials. The first vial (MHNG-ARTO-14465) contains one specimen broken into several pieces and a label with “ Diopsiulus mulierosus Carl , ♂ type!” written on it. The second vial (MHNG-ARTO-14466) contains one specimen with the anterior part of the body detached and a label with “ Diopsiulus mulierosus Carl , 49 segmts., ♀ vierge, Z. Anz. 117 p. 245 (3)” written on it. The third vial (MHNG-ARTO-14467) contains two specimens in smaller vials, both with the anterior of the body detached and labelled as “3e larve”. The fourth vial (MHNG-ARTO-14468) contains four broken specimens and a label with “ Diopsiulus mulierosus Carl , types ♀, Attakatti, Zool. Anz. 214” written on it. The fifth vial (MHNG-ARTO-14469) contains 36 specimens, one of them with a pin running the length of the body, and a label with “ Diopsiulus mulierosus Carl , juvs. Attakatti 3.III.27, xerophil.” written on it. The sixth vial (MHNG- ARTO-14470) contains one specimen without a label. No type was designated in the original description and so all of these specimens are syntypes. There are also seven microscope slide preparations which, while only labelled “ Diopsiulus I ” have “Attakatti” or “Attakatti, Kokumalai” written on the labels and are obviously part of the type series: 1) a slide (MHNG-ARTO-14471) with gonopods and legs; 2) a slide (MHNG-ARTO-14472) with a pair of ♀ third legs; 3) a slide (MHNG-ARTO-14473) with antennae and ♂ first, second and third legs; 4) a slide (MHNG-ARTO-14474) with the first, second and third legs of a juvenile ♂; 5) a slide (MHNG-ARTO-14475) with the receptacula of a ♀; 6) a slide (MHNG- ARTO-14476) of the gonopods of a nearly mature ♂; 7) a slide (MHNG-ARTO-14477) with the gonopods of an immature ♂.

Stemmiulus mulierosus ( Carl, 1937) , Stemmiulidae


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle

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