Gnomognathus minusculus (Attems, 1936)

Hollier, John, Stöckli, Eduard, Wesener, Thomas, Mesibov, Robert, Decker, Peter & Sierwald, Petra, 2020, An annotated list of the millipede (Diplopoda) species described by Johann Carl, Revue suisse de Zoologie 127 (1), pp. 183-240 : 215

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Gnomognathus minusculus


minusculus striatus Carl, 1941b: 706-709 View in CoL , figs 209, 219- 221 [ Thyropygus ].

Obere Palnis: Vandaravu, 2350 m, kleine Shola, beim Rasthaus. One ♂.

The MHNG collection contains 18 specimens in alcohol in two jars. The first jar (MHNG-ARTO-14509) contains a vial holding a specimen broken in to two large pieces accompanied by a small tube containing gonopods, the head and other dissected parts. The labels in the tube have “ Thyropygus minusculus striatus Carl, ♂ type Vandavaru R.F” and “Harp. sp. G, ♂ type 52 segm. Vandavaru F.R. 8.IV ” written on them, indicating that this specimen is the holotype. The second jar (MHNG- ARTO-18640) contains five vials of specimens collected by Carl and listed in the original description, but which were excluded from the type series by Carl’s inhabitual nomination of the ♂ from Vandaravu with 52 segments as the “ typus ”.

Gnomognathus minusculus striatus (Carl, 1941) , Harpagophoridae


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle

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