Trachyjulus humberti, Carl, 1941 b: 641 - 642, 1911

Hollier, John, Stöckli, Eduard, Wesener, Thomas, Mesibov, Robert, Decker, Peter & Sierwald, Petra, 2020, An annotated list of the millipede (Diplopoda) species described by Johann Carl, Revue suisse de Zoologie 127 (1), pp. 183-240 : 207

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Trachyjulus humberti


humberti willeyi Carl, 1941b: 641-642 View in CoL , figs 107-109 [ Trachyiulus ].

Ceylon: Karawehgawem. P. A. Willey leg. (British Museum). One ♂.

The MHNG collection contains two microscope slide preparations: 1) a slide (MHNG-ARTO-18463) with gonopods with labels with “ Trachyiulus humberti Carl ssp. willeyi Carl ” and “Gonop. I et II ” handwritten on them respectively; 2) a slide (MHNG-ARTO-18464) with legs with labels with “ Trachyiulus humberti Carl ssp. willeyi Carl ” and “ ♂ type Bp. 1 et 2” handwritten on them respectively. Both belong to the holotype. The rest of the holotype is in the BMNH. The MHNG alcohol collection contains some specimens collected after the date of the publication of the original description and these are therefore not part of the type series.

Trachyjulus willeyi willeyi Carl, 1941 , Cambalopsidae


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle


United Kingdom, London, The Natural History Museum [formerly British Museum (Natural History)]

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