Aulacobolus ejaculans

Hollier, John, Stöckli, Eduard, Wesener, Thomas, Mesibov, Robert, Decker, Peter & Sierwald, Petra, 2020, An annotated list of the millipede (Diplopoda) species described by Johann Carl, Revue suisse de Zoologie 127 (1), pp. 183-240 : 198-199

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Aulacobolus ejaculans


ejaculans vallensis Carl, 1941b: 621-622 View in CoL , fig. 80 [ Aulacobolus ].

Travancore: Grosser Wald im oberen Vattavadai-Tal, ca. 1850 m. Unspecified number of ♂ and ♀.

The MHNG collection contains four specimens in alcohol (MHNG-ARTO-14430). The specimens are accompanied by a small vial containing a partially dissected head and some pairs of legs. The data label has “Grosser Wald im oberen Vattavadai-Tal (Travancore) 10.IV ” written on it, indicating that these are the syntypes of the subspecies vallensis, even though the identification labels only have “ Aulacobolus ejaculans ” written on them. There is also a microscope slide preparation of a pair of posterior gonopods (MHNG-ARTO-14431) labelled “Auloc. ejaculans subsp. ♂ Vattavadai” and thus part of one of the syntypes.

Aulacobolus ejaculans vallensis Carl, 1941 , Pachybolidae elberti Carl, 1912c: 142-144 , pl. 5, fig. 12 [ Polylepis ].

Roembi-Mengkoka, SO.- Celebes (Dr. J. Elbert). Unspecified number of ♂ and ♀ .

The MHNG collection contains one specimen in alcohol (MHNG-ARTO-18550). The specimen has a pin running the length of the body and the head and anterior segments are detached. The identification labels in the jar have “ ♂ cotype S. E. de Celebes ex coll. Elbert ” and “ ♂ cotype S. E. de Celebes ” written on them respectively, indicating that the specimen is a syntype. The SMF collection contains three specimens in alcohol, two ♂, each with a single gonopod missing, and one ♀. The identification label in the jar has “Lombok, Sadjang, leg. Elbert 1909” written on it, indicating that these specimens are types. After examination of these type specimens, one ♂ ( SMF 732) was placed in a separate jar and is here designated as lectotype.


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle


Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main, Forschungsinstitut und Naturmuseum Senckenberg

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