Aleochara curtula ( Goeze, 1777 ),

Caron, Edilson, Moussallem, Marcelo & Bortoluzzi, Sidnei, 2019, Revision of Brazilian species of Aleochara Gravenhorst of the subgenus Aleochara (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae), Zootaxa 4712 (1), pp. 1-33: 29

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Aleochara curtula ( Goeze, 1777 )


Aleochara curtula ( Goeze, 1777) 

Staphylinus curtulus Goeze, 1777: 730  (description, without type locality). Note: For a complete list of bilbiographies see Yamamoto & Maruyama (2016b: 20). A synonyms list see updated checklist below.

Type material: Type not studied, probably lost ( Klimaszewski 1984: 76).

Additional material: none material from Brazil or countries around was similar to A. curtula  .

Diagnosis: see Yamamoto & Maruyama (2016b).

Redescription: see Yamamoto & Maruyama (2016b).

Geographical records: Palearctic, Oriental, Nearctic, Afrotropical and Neotropical regions ( Yamamoto & Maruyama 2016b). The records in the Neotropical region are discussed below.

Discussion about record in Brazil: although no Brazilian specimen of A. curtula  was found in this study, some previous works attribute this species to Brazil and other surrounding countries in the Neotropical region, as Saint Vincent Island (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Grenada, French Guiana, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile ( Fauvel 1901; Blackwelder 1944; Caron et al. 2008). The first record of A. curtula  in Brazil is in Fauvel (1901: 90), and after that, records for Brazil can only be found in catalogs ( Blackwelder 1944; Caron et al.2008). In this study, we have conclude that it is doubtful that A. curtula  is distributed in Brazil and surrounding countries, because the geographic records related to these countries are based on old previous works (e.g. as in Fauvel 1901). Additionally, in Brazil the specimens of A. bugnioni  were erroneously identified as A. curtula  because they have similarly maculated pattern of elytra, with a distinct darker spot on the external and apical angle, but differ from it in the apical shape of the median lobe and shape of the capsule of the spermatheca (compare Figs. 39,40View FIGURES 35–40 and 44View FIGURES 41–44 with Figs. 62 and 64View FIGURES 61–64 in the Yamamoto & Maruyama 20016b: 29).














Aleochara curtula ( Goeze, 1777 )

Caron, Edilson, Moussallem, Marcelo & Bortoluzzi, Sidnei 2019

Staphylinus curtulus

Yamamoto, S. & Maruyama, M. 2016: 20
Goeze, J. A. E. 1777: 730