Aleochara (Aleochara),

Caron, Edilson, Moussallem, Marcelo & Bortoluzzi, Sidnei, 2019, Revision of Brazilian species of Aleochara Gravenhorst of the subgenus Aleochara (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae), Zootaxa 4712 (1), pp. 1-33: 3

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Aleochara (Aleochara)


Aleochara (Aleochara) 

In general, many species of Aleochara  s. str. have average body length of about 5mm and width around 2mm; compact and robust; elytra slightly broader than pronotum; dorsal surface glossy and densely pubescent, except for glossy and sparsely pubescent abdomen; setigerous pores impressed. Eyes twice the length of temples; antennomere 4 slightly transverse and 5–10 gradually widening, each twice as wide as long; maxillary palpomere 4 at least twothirds of length of palpomere 3. Pronotum transverse, posterior margin broadly arcuate, evenly pubescent. Elytra as long as or slightly shorter than pronotum; elytra about twice as wide as long; each elytron with posterolateral corner not sinuate. Hind wings well developed. Mesoventral process long, reaching or almost reaching posterior portion of mesocoxae, without any median carina, wide, completely connected to metaventral process, isthmus absent. Abdominal terga 3–7 shallowly impressed with curved line anteriorly ( Klimaszewski 1984; Yamamoto & Maruyama 2016b).