Lannapsyche Malicky 1989

Morse, John C., 2017, Lannapsyche and Marilia species of China (Trichoptera: Odontoceridae), Zootaxa 4320 (1), pp. 81-99: 82

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Lannapsyche Malicky 1989


Lannapsyche Malicky 1989 

Oláh & Johanson (2010) summarized the characters of genus Lannapsyche  . Based on specimens from Oriental China, additional diagnostic characters for males are as follows: 1) Segment X tall and hood-like, divided apicomesally or completely divided into 2 tall, vertical lobes, each with dorsal margin flattened, setose, and longitudinally strap-like in dorsal view, extended laterad as longitudinal carina, especially subbasally ( Figs. 1BView FIGURE 1, 2BView FIGURE 2); 2) harpago of each inferior appendage fleshy, with expanded apex covered with short, stout spines ( Figs. 1AView FIGURE 1, 2AView FIGURE 2). The mesal setal wart (= mesal nodule, Oláh & Johanson 2010) on the first segment of each maxillary palp ( Fig. 1EView FIGURE 1) is also present in both male and female in all 3 Chinese species. The Chinese Lannapsyche  species can be collected during daytime along small brooks or spring-fed streams ( Oláh & Johanson 2010), but at least some species also come to light traps.