Attacobius verhaaghi Bonaldo & Brescovit,

Pereira-Filho, José Moisés B., Saturnino, Regiane & Bonaldo, Alexandre B., 2018, Five new species and novel descriptions of opposed sexes of four species of the spider genus Attacobius (Araneae: Corinnidae), Zootaxa 4462 (2), pp. 211-228: 217

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Attacobius verhaaghi Bonaldo & Brescovit


Attacobius verhaaghi Bonaldo & Brescovit 

Figs 7, 8View FIGURES 7, 8; Map 1

Attacobius verhaaghi Bonaldo & Brescovit, 1998: 170  , figs 14–17 (♀ holotype from Chapada do Araripe , 07°10'S, 39°30'W, 10 km from Crato, Ceará State, Brazil, 30.I.1995, M. Verhaagh & D. Frey leg., MCN 26589View Materials), re-examined.GoogleMaps 

Attacobius verhaagui  ; Bonaldo & Brescovit, 2005: 36, 38, 48 (lapsus).

Diagnosis. Males of A. verhaaghi  are similar to those of A. lamellatus Bonaldo & Brescovit  by the presence of an additional, median lobe on the RTA, the finger-shaped dorsal lobe, and the median sector of the median apophysis composed of two smooth pieces ( Bonaldo & Brescovit 2005: figs 4, 5). They differ by the thin, almost unsclerotized median lobe, and by the cymbial transverse process being larger and visible in ventral view ( Figs 7, 8View FIGURES 7, 8).

Description. Male ( MPEG 34857). Carapace yellow, anterior median eye area with black spot divided by longitudinal gap; chelicerae dark yellow with fangs brown; endites pale yellow with white apex, labium pale yellow; sternum pale yellow with brown margins; legs: femur and patella yellow, tibiae, metatarsus and tarsus pale orange; abdomen pale yellow. Total length 4.12. Carapace 1.72 long, 1.40 wide, 0.49 high. Clypeus 0.16 high. Eye diameters and interdistances: AME 0.11, ALE 0.07, PME 0.95, PLE 0.79; AME –AME 0.08, AME –ALE contiguous, PME –PME 0.14, PME –PLE 0.07, ALE –PLE contiguous. MOQ length: 0.28, front width: 0.23, back width: 0.27. Chelicerae 0.57 long, with 3 promarginal and 2 retromarginal teeth. Sternum 1.01 long, 1.00 wide. Abdomen 2.27 long, 1.37 wide. Leg measurements: I: femur 1.42/ patella 0.60/ tibia 1.31/metatarsus 1.38/ tarsus 1.09/ total 5.80. II: 1.34/ 0.56/ 1.32/ 1.39/ 1.04/ 5.65. III: 1.35/ 0.52/ 1.10/ 1.40/ 1.06/ 5.43. IV: 1.58/ 0.56/ 1.30/ 1.65/ 1.13/ 6.22. Leg spination: I: femur d1-1-0, p0-0-1, r0, v0; tibia d0, p0, r0, v3-2 -2; metatarsus d0, p0, r0, v2-2 - 0. II: femur d1-1-0, p0, r0, v0; tibia d0, p0, r0, v3-2 -2; metatarsus d0, p0, r0, v2-2 -0. III: femur d1-1-0, p0, r0, v0; tibia d0, p0, r0, v0; metatarsus d0, p0, r0, v0. IV: femur d1-1-0, p0, r0, v0; tibia d0, p0, r0, v0; metatarsus d0, p0, r0, v0. Palp: RTA with three lobes, ventral lobe large; apical spur sclerotized, with broad base arising sub-apically from ventral lobe, dorsal lobe finger-shaped, oriented apically, without sub-apical digitiform process; cymbial prolateral process projected, excavated, separated from cymbial transversal process; cymbial transversal process long, gently curved retro-apically, without basal prong; cymbial retrolateral tubercle sub-quadrangular in retrolateral view; cymbial retrodorsal process small, excavated, directed basally; both prolateral tegular keel and ventral tegular keel present, small, contiguous; tegular retrolateral groove present, wide; distal extension of median apophysis protruded apically; median extension of median apophysis smooth, composed of two pieces, proximal extension of median apophysis long (figs 7, 8).

Female. Described by Bonaldo & Brescovit (1998: 170, figs 14–17).

Distribution. States of Ceará and Piauí, Brazil (Map 1).

Material examined. BRAZIL: Piauí: Brasileira e Piracuruca , ( Parque Nacional Sete Cidades ) 04°05'39.9''S, 41°43'53.3''W, 1♂, 17.XII.2004, E.B.O. Marques leg. ( MPEG 34853View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1♀ (CHNUFPI 0247); 1♂, 6.XII.2006, L.S. Carvalho, D.F. Candiani & N.F. Lo Man Hung leg. (MPEG 34857); 04°06'18.7"S, 41°42'06.4"W, 1♀, 24.VI.2007, L.S. Carvalho, M.P. Albuquerque & F.M. Oliveira-Neto leg. (MPEG 34860); 04°06'29.3"S, 41°40'47.46"W, 1♂, 22.I.2007, M.P. Albuquerque leg. (MPEG 34858); 04°07'50.1"S 41°42'00.4"W, 1♂, 26.I.2007, L.S. Carvalho, M.T.L. Avelino & M.P. Albuquerque leg. (MPEG 34859); José de Freitas, ( Fazenda Nazareth ), 04°47'58.1''S, 42°37'48.8''W, 1♀, 23.XI.2003, E.B.O. Marques leg. ( MPEG 34856View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Castelo do Piauí (ECB Rochas Ornamentais LTDA, Fazenda Bonito ) 05°13'50.8''S, 41°42'01.1''W, 1♂, 26.X.2005, F.M. Oliveira-Neto leg. ( MPEG 34854View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1♂, 9.XII.2005, F.M. Oliveira-Neto leg. (MPEG 34855).


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Attacobius verhaaghi Bonaldo & Brescovit

Pereira-Filho, José Moisés B., Saturnino, Regiane & Bonaldo, Alexandre B. 2018

Attacobius verhaaghi

Bonaldo & Brescovit, 1998 : 170

Attacobius verhaagui

Bonaldo & Brescovit, 2005 : 36