Seminemacheilus lendlii ( Hankó 1925 ),

Yoğurtçuoğlu, Baran, Kaya, Cüneyt, Geiger, Matthias F. & Freyhof, Jörg, 2020, Revision of the genus Seminemacheilus, with the description of three new species (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae), Zootaxa 4802 (3), pp. 477-501: 481-484

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Seminemacheilus lendlii ( Hankó 1925 )


Seminemacheilus lendlii ( Hankó 1925) 

( Figs. 3–4View FIGURE 3View FIGURE 4)

Nemachilus lendlii Hankó, 1925:155  , Pl. 3 ( Fig. 9View FIGURE 9) (type locality Eski-Chehir , Turkey).

Material examined. FFR 1369, 1, 49 mm SL; Turkey: Afyon prov.: Creek Kali 10 km west to Çay , 38.5998, 30.8938.— FFR 15570View MaterialsGoogleMaps  , 3, 51–66 mm SL; FSJF 4097, 3, 47–77 mm SL; Turkey: Kütahya prov.: stream Eymir at Eymir , 39.1521, 30.0404GoogleMaps  .— FSJF 3123, 10, 46–60 mm SL; Turkey: Akşehir prov.: spring at Ulupınar, 10 km north- west of Akşehir , 38.4383, 31.3308GoogleMaps  .

Material used in molecular genetic analysis. FSJF DNA-1665  ; Turkey: Akşehir prov.: spring at Ulupınar village, 10 km northwest of Akşehir , 38.4383, 31.3308. (GenBank accession numbers: KJ554864, KJ554898)GoogleMaps  .— FSJF DNA-3110  ; Turkey: Kütahya prov.: stream Eymir at Eymir , 39.1521, 30.0404. (GenBank accession numbers: MT 077005View Materials - MT 077009View Materials)GoogleMaps  .

Additional distribution records: Yeğen et al. 2007: 39.0819, 30.4302; Mangıt et al. 2017: 38.6301, 31.1048.

Diagnosis. Seminemacheilus lendlii  is distinguished from all other species of Seminemacheilus  by having a truncate caudal fin, a fine mottled flank pattern, preserved individuals with a wide, dark-brown inner axial stripe and a narrower epidermal stripe, no central pore in the supratemporal canal, and a deep caudal peduncle (caudalpeduncle depth 1.1–1.2 times in caudal-peduncle length) and head length 25–28% SL.

Distribution. Locally known from the Porsuk, a tributary of the upper Sakarya River as well as from the endorheic Lakes Akşehir and Eber basins. Bănărescu & Nalbant (1964) also recorded S. lendlii  from Lake Çavuşçu (Ilgın-Konya) and Lake Eymir-Mogan basins (Ankara), from where the species seems to have disappeared, as it has never been recorded thereafter.

Remarks. Hankó (1925) described Nemachilus lendlii  from Eski-Chehir (today Eskişehir) in the Sakarya River drainage in Western Anatolia. Hankó did not collect the specimens himself, but the Hungarian National Museum bought the material from A. Lendl in 1907, who collected the fish in 1906 ( Hankó, 1925). A part of the series was given also to F. Steindachner (NMW), but had obviously already been lost in 1925 ( Hankó, 1925). All materials ex- amined by Hankó (1925) have since been lost, including the 10 syntypes of N. lendlii  . Nevertheless, Hankó clearly had a species of Seminemacheilus  in hand when he described N. lendlii  , as the individual illustrated in Plate 3 ( Fig. 9View FIGURE 9) clearly show the diagnostic truncate caudal fin and very long pectoral fin of male Seminemacheilus  . Eskişehir is situated within the western Sakarya catchment, but despite of intensive field work, the species has not been found by us around Eskişehir or elsewhere in the Sakarya River drainage. Only recently, we found one population of Seminemacheilus  at Eymir, 80 km south-west of Eskişehir. Eymir is situated at one of the headwater streams of the Porsuk River, which also flows through Eskişehir, being a major tributary of the Sakarya. While the description by Hankó (1925) is clearly based on a species of Seminemacheilus  , he does not give the characters needed to confirm the identification of the Seminemacheilus  from Eymir as S. lendlii  , distinct from the other species discussed below. However, we see no reason to believe that more than one species of Seminemacheilus  is found in the Porsuk River drainage and therefore identify the fish from Eymir as S. lendlii  .


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Seminemacheilus lendlii ( Hankó 1925 )

Yoğurtçuoğlu, Baran, Kaya, Cüneyt, Geiger, Matthias F. & Freyhof, Jörg 2020

Nemachilus lendlii Hankó, 1925:155

Hanko 1925: 155