Hippocampus bargibanti, Whitley 1970

Sara A. Lourie, Riley A. Pollom & Sarah J. Foster, 2016, A global revision of the Seahorses Hippocampus Rafinesque 1810 (Actinopterygii: Syngnathiformes): Taxonomy and biogeography with recommendations for further research, Zootaxa 4146 (1), pp. 1-66: 17

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Hippocampus bargibanti


H. bargibanti Whitley 1970 

English common names. Bargibant’s Pygmy Seahorse, pygmy seahorse.

Lectotype. AMS I.15418-001. Paralectotypes: AMS I.15418-002.

Type locality. Nouméa , New Caledonia. 

Synonyms. None.

Distribution. Australia, Indonesia, Japan (Izu, Ogasawara and Ryukyu Islands), Malaysia (Borneo), New Caledonia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu. Notes. H. bargibanti  exists in two different colour morphs: grey with pink tubercles, and yellow with orange tubercles.