Hippocampus dahli, Ogilby 1908

Sara A. Lourie, Riley A. Pollom & Sarah J. Foster, 2016, A global revision of the Seahorses Hippocampus Rafinesque 1810 (Actinopterygii: Syngnathiformes): Taxonomy and biogeography with recommendations for further research, Zootaxa 4146 (1), pp. 1-66: 22-23

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Hippocampus dahli


H. dahli Ogilby 1908 

English common name. Lowcrown Seahorse. Holotype. QM I.788. 

Type locality. Moreton Bay , Noosa, southern Queensland, Australia  .

Synonyms. None.

Distribution. Northern and Eastern Australia.

Notes. Morphological data for the type specimen of H. dahli  have been lost. Specimens from northeast Australia that are classified as H. dahli  by Kuiter (2001) are meristically indistinguishable from H. trimaculatus  from elsewhere in their range (Appendix D), although they apparently lack the three spots characteristic of H. trimaculatus  (data for Lourie et al. 1999). Genetic data (648bp, CO1) from a single specimen identified as H. dahli  (not publicly available) suggests a 4.86% divergence between this specimen and others from India to Taiwan, Province of China, Indonesia and the Philippines ( BOLD 2016). Further investigation is warranted.