Hippocampus fisheri

Sara A. Lourie, Riley A. Pollom & Sarah J. Foster, 2016, A global revision of the Seahorses Hippocampus Rafinesque 1810 (Actinopterygii: Syngnathiformes): Taxonomy and biogeography with recommendations for further research, Zootaxa 4146 (1), pp. 1-66: 25-26

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Hippocampus fisheri


H. fisheri  Jordan & Evermann 1903

English common names. Fisher’s Seahorse. Synonyms. None.

Holotype. USNM 50625. Paratypes: BPBM 1687, FMNH 3946, MCZ 168879 (never received), CAS-SU 7450, USNM 126534 [ex USBF 1058/USFC 2700].

Type locality. Kailua , Hawaii (holotype)  ; Hilo , Hawaii (paratypes)  .

Distribution. USA (Hawaii).

Notes. Szabó et al. (2011) confirm the presence, and distinctness, of H. fisheri  as a Hawaiian endemic using genetic and morphometric methods. It is>5% divergent from H. kuda  (696bp, cyt b) ( Szabó et al. 2011). Specimens that were formerly tentatively assigned to H. fisheri  from New Caledonia and Lord Howe Island ( Lourie et al. 1999, 2004) have subsequently been described as H. jugumus  and H. pusillus  ( Kuiter 2001; Fricke 2004).