Macronycteris cryptovalorona,

Monadjem, Ara, Soisook, Pipat, Thong, Vu Dinh & Kingston, Tigga, 2019, Family Hipposideridae (Old World Leaf-nosed Bats), Handbook of the Mammals of the World, Vol. 9, Lynx Edicions, pp. 227-258: 232-233

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Macronycteris cryptovalorona


14View On. Madagascar Cryptic Leaf-nosed Bat

Macronycteris cryptovalorona 

French: Phyllorhine cryptique I German: Madagaskar-Rundblattnase / Spanish: Macronicterio de Madagascar

Other common names: Cryptic Leaf-nosed Bat, Madagascar Cryptic Roundleaf Bat

Taxonomy. Hipposideros  cryptovalorona Goodman  et al, 2016, “ Madagascar: Prov­ ince de Fianarantsoa, Parc National de l’lsalo, along Sahanafa River, near foot of Bevato, 28 km south-east of Berenty-Bet­ sileo , 22°19.0’S, 45°17.6’ E, 550 m a.s.l.”GoogleMaps  This species is monotypic.

Distribution. Endemic to Madagascar, where it is just known from type locality and Androimpano Cave, near Itampolo, Toliara Province.View Figure

Descriptive notes. Head—body 89—92 mm, tail 30—34 mm, ear 26—27 mm, hindfoot 15-18 mm, forearm 80-81 mm; weight 26-42- 5 g. The Madagascar Cryptic Leafnosed Bat has a distinctive noseleaf that is divided into four cells on its posterior margin with four lateral leaflets. Pelage is dense and short, reddish brown to dark brown dorsally, and somewhat paler ventrally. Armpits are white. Ears are long and narrow. Slightly smaller than Commerson’s Leaf-nosed Bat ( M commersonii  ), but otherwise difficult to distinguish.

Habitat. Dry deciduous forest and spiny bush.

Food and Feeding. No information.

Breeding. No information.

Activity patterns. The Madagascar Cryptic Leaf-nosed Bat is thought to roost in caves. Echolocation call is not known, but bats captured at Isalo National Park and originally identified as Commerson’s Leaf-nosed Bat (but possibly belonging to the Madagascar Cryptic Leaf-nosed Bat) had a F component at c.76 kHz.

Movements, Home range and Social organization. No information.

Status and Conservation. Not assessed on The IUCN Red List due to its recent recognition as a species. Due to its restricted distribution and the fact that Macronycteris  species are under intensive hunting pressure in Madagascar, the Madagascar Cryptic Leafnosed Bat may well be threatened.

Bibliography. Foley, Goodman eta /. (2017), Foley, Thong Vu Dinh eta /. (2015), Goodman, Schoeman eta /. (2016), Rakotoarivelo eta /. (2015), Ramasindrazana eta /. (2015), Ranivo & Goodman (2007).








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Mammalia (awaiting allocation)




Macronycteris cryptovalorona

Monadjem, Ara, Soisook, Pipat, Thong, Vu Dinh & Kingston, Tigga 2019


J. E. Gray 1831