Mustilizans Yang, 1995

Wang, Xing, Wang, Min, Zolotuhin, Vadim V., Hirowatari, Toshiya, Wu, Shipher & Huang, Guo-Hua, 2015, The fauna of the family Bombycidae sensu lato (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Bombycoidea) from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hainan Islands, Zootaxa 3989 (1), pp. 1-138: 74-75

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Mustilizans Yang, 1995


XVII. Mustilizans Yang, 1995  ( FIGURES 27–29View FIGURE 27View FIGURE 28View FIGURE 29)

Mustilizans Yang, 1995  , Insects of Baishanzu Mountain, Eastern China: 355. Type species: Mustilizans drepaniformis Yang, 1995  , by original designation.

Diagnosis. Characterized by the following features: body large and stout; antennae pectinate basally and filiform distally; forewing apex falcate, Rs 1 very short, arising from Rs 2 and running obliquely to the costa; hindwing with frenulum well-developed; uncus bifid; valva with blunt apex; saccus short and broad; aedeagus sturdy; vesica with numerous thick cornuti. Females are much larger than the males and differ in wing coloration and pattern, most having a reddish-brown ground colour..

Distribution. Sino-Himalayan region.

Remarks. This genus consists of nine species, of which eight are recorded, one for the first time in China (Map 17). Due to the close external similiarity of most species, genital dissection is recommended to confirm species identifications.

Map 17. Distribution of Mustilizans  spp. mainly in China.