Dalailama vadim Witt, 2006

Wang, Xing, Wang, Min, Zolotuhin, Vadim V., Hirowatari, Toshiya, Wu, Shipher & Huang, Guo-Hua, 2015, The fauna of the family Bombycidae sensu lato (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Bombycoidea) from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hainan Islands, Zootaxa 3989 (1), pp. 1-138: 96

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Dalailama vadim Witt, 2006


64. Dalailama vadim Witt, 2006  ( FIGURES 36View FIGURE 36 E – 36 F, 37 B, 37 D)

Dalailama vadim Witt, 2006  , Entomofauna 27 (3): 48. TL: “Sichuan, China, 3000 m, 20 km western Qiaoqi town, 55 km north of Baoxing”. Holotype: male (MWM) [examined].

Diagnosis. Very similar to D. bifurca  , but can be easily distinguished by the white-highlighted veins distal to the postmedial postmedial line on both pairs of wings.

Specimens examined. [SICHUAN] Baoxing County (Mts. Qionglai): 2 males, holotype & paratype, 3000 m, 20 km western Qiaoqi town, 55 km north of Baoxing, 8–10.VII. 2003, S. Murzin leg. (MWM); Luding County (Moxi Town): 1 male and 1 female, 18.VII. 2004, Min Wang & Liu-Sheng Chen leg. ( SCAU); 1 male, 20.VII. 2004, Min Wang & Liu-Sheng Chen leg. ( SCAU); 1 male, 18.VI. 2005, Guo-Hua Huang & Liu-Sheng Chen leg. ( HUNAU); 1 male, 19.VII. 2009, Min Wang & Guo-Hua Huang leg. ( HUNAU); Kangding County: 1 male, 3200 m, 25.VI. 1993 (MWM); Lushan County: 1 male, top of Mt. Xilingxueshan, 3200 m, 09.VII. 2010, Gun Chen leg. (MWM).

Bionomics. The host is unknown. Adults appear from June to July.

Distribution. Mainland China (Sichuan).

Remarks. This species is only known from the Gonggashan area. All specimens were collected by light trapping.