Bivincula watsoni Dierl, 1978

Wang, Xing, Wang, Min, Zolotuhin, Vadim V., Hirowatari, Toshiya, Wu, Shipher & Huang, Guo-Hua, 2015, The fauna of the family Bombycidae sensu lato (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Bombycoidea) from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hainan Islands, Zootaxa 3989 (1), pp. 1-138: 47

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Bivincula watsoni Dierl, 1978


27. Bivincula watsoni Dierl, 1978  ( FIGURES 16View FIGURE 16 F, 17 C)

Bivincula watsoni Dierl, 1978  , Spixiana, 1 (3): 260, pl. V, fig. 37, text-fig. 23. TL: Sikkim.

Diagnosis. Characterized by the following features: costa with four black spots; inner margin of hindwing with four spots; postmedial and submarginal lines consisting of obvious gray spots; uncus bifid, the lobes sickle-shaped; saccus broader and short; valva sickle-shaped distally; aedeagus curved apically.

Specimens examined. [YUNNAN] Tengchong County: 2 males, Beihai Town, 29.VI. 2002, Ming-Yi Tian leg. ( SCAU); 1 male, Mt. Gaoligongshan, 15.VI. 2005, Ming-Yi Tian leg. ( SCAU).

Bionomics. Early stages and host plant unknown.

Distribution. Mainland China (Yunnan), India, Myanmar.

Remarks. Huang & Wang (2006) first recorded this species from China. It flies in summer in China, but not many specimens have been collected.