Penicillifera Dierl, 1978

Wang, Xing, Wang, Min, Zolotuhin, Vadim V., Hirowatari, Toshiya, Wu, Shipher & Huang, Guo-Hua, 2015, The fauna of the family Bombycidae sensu lato (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Bombycoidea) from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hainan Islands, Zootaxa 3989 (1), pp. 1-138: 40

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Penicillifera Dierl, 1978


IX. Penicillifera Dierl, 1978  ( FIGURES 14–15View FIGURE 14View FIGURE 15)

Penicillifera Dierl, 1978  , Spixiana 1 (3): 249. Type species: Dasychira apicalis Walker, 1862  , by monotypy.

Diagnosis. Characterized based on the following features: wings gray-white or ochre with numerous small black spots; apex of forewing blunt; inner margin of hindwing straight with 3–4 black spots; uncus bifid and broadly finger-shaped; gnathos reduced; saccus well-developed; aedeagus slender; posterior margin of 8 th sternite with a number of short lateral and medial processes; 8 th tergite “Y” shaped and covered with long hairs.

Distribution. Oriental Region including the Sino-Himalayan area.

Remarks. Roepke (1924) described the larvae of the type species, which are similar in appearance to those of Ocinara  . The younger instars are yellowish gray-brown, whereas the fifth instar is milky-white and gray.Three Penicillifera  species are here recorded from China (Map 9).

Map 9. Distribution of Penicillifera  spp. mainly in China.