Lee, Young June, Marshall, David C., Mohagan, Alma & Hill, Kathy B. R., 2016, Cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) from Camiguin of Mindanao Province and Dinagat Island in the Philippines, with a new genus and three new species, Zootaxa 4097 (2), pp. 187-202: 195-196

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Tribe Cicadettini   Buckton, 1889

Remarks. "Huechysaria" (= Huechysini Distant, 1905) was proposed by Distant (1905 b) with Huechys Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843   as the type genus mainly by the opaque or semiopaque wings. However, the molecular phylogenetic study by Marshall et al. (2015) suggests that Huechys   should be placed within Cicadettini   . This suggested placement is well supported morphologically by the presence of a pair of flat upper lobes, a welldeveloped dorsal beak, a duck-bill-shaped median lobe of uncus, and a pair of clasper-like processes, which are commonly seen in the male genitalia of Huechys   as well as that of the type genus of Cicadettini   , Cicadetta Kolenati, 1857   . Huechys   also has the following characteristics, which were listed as distinguishing characters of Cicadettini   by Moulds (2005): pygofer upper lobes flat; and pseudoparameres present (see Fig. 4 View FIGURE 4 ). Here, Huechysini syn. nov. is synonymized with Cicadettini   .

Moulds (2005) also proposed as a diagnostic character for Cicadettini   the timbals not extending ventrally beyond the wing bases although he later found the opposite character-state in Uradolichos Moulds, 2012   , which he placed in Cicadettini   . Because the timbals slightly extend below the wing bases ventrally in specimens of Huechys parvula Haupt, 1924   listed below and some examined specimens of Kosemia Matsumura, 1927   and Tettigetta Kolenati, 1857   in the first author's care, this character may have to be excluded from the characters for diagnosing Cicadettini   .