Liophloeothrips Priesner,

Hakimara, Mahsa, Minaei, Kambiz, Sadeghi, Saber & Mound, Laurence, 2019, Fungus-feeding thrips in Iran with a new species of Stictothrips (Thysanoptera Phlaeothripidae), Zootaxa 4652 (3), pp. 557-567: 564

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Liophloeothrips Priesner


Liophloeothrips Priesner 

Of the 17 species listed in this genus ( ThripsWiki 2019) 13 are known only from India ( Tyagi & Kumar 2011). However, the type species, L. glaber  , and two other species, L. hungaricus  and L. pulchrisetis  , are described from Europe. From Iran, L. hungaricus  has been recorded without any information concerning the locality, date of collection, or number of specimens ( Mortazaviha 1995), although this species is possibly associated with the bark of certain Salicaceae ( Minaei & Mound 2014)  . The only other species in this genus, L. arjanicus  ( Fig. 4View FIGURES 1–12), was described from both sexes extracted from leaf litter using a Berlese funnel, and is possibly part of the community of fungus-feeding litter thrips ( Hakimara et al. 2019).