Plexijassus caliginosus,

Dietrich, Christopher H., Magalhães, Raysa Brito de & Takiya, Daniela M., 2020, Revision of the endemic Malagasy leafhopper tribe Platyjassini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Iassinae), European Journal of Taxonomy 695, pp. 1-89: 58-59

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Plexijassus caliginosus

gen. et sp. nov.

Plexijassus caliginosus  gen. et sp. nov.

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The species name is derived from the Latin ʻ caligino ʼ (ʻdarkʼ) and refers to the dark overall coloration.

Material examined


MADAGASCAR • ♂; “ MADAGASCAR: Province Fianarantsoa, Parc National Ranomafana, radio tower, at forest edge, elev 1130 m, 15–27 April 2003, 21°15.05′ S, 47°24.43′ E, coll: M. Irwin, R. Harin’Hala, California Acad of Sciences , malaise, mixed tropical forest, MA-02-09B-58”; CAS.GoogleMaps 


MADAGASCAR – Fianarantsoa • 1 ♂; Parc National Ranomafana , radio tower, at forest edge; 21°15.05′ S, 47°24.43′ E; alt. 1130 m; 15–27 Apr. 2003; M. Irwin and R. Harin’Hala leg.; Malaise trap; mixed tropical forest; MA-02-09B-58; CASGoogleMaps  1 ♀; same collection data as for preceding; 9–26 Feb. 2002; MA-02-09B-17; CAS. – AntisirananaGoogleMaps  1 ♂; Sakalava Beach , dwarf litoral forest; 12°15′46″ S, 49°23′31″ E; alt. 10m; 13–16 May 2001; M. Irwin and R. Harin’Hala leg.; Malaise trap across sandy trail; MA01-048[?]-09; SMK DNA voucher: MIAS2; INHSGoogleMaps  .


Length of male 7.4 mm, female 8.4 mm. Coloration and structure as described for genus. Style apophysis slightly broadened near midlength in lateral view, slightly sinuate, apex attenuate, gradually curved mesad distally. Connective with slight median anterior convexity, stem shorter than arms. Aedeagus with shaft U-shaped, tubular, tapered from base to bluntly pointed apex in lateral view. Female as described for genus.


This species corresponds to the OTU labeled “ Platyjassus  sp. n. 1” in the phylogeny of Krishnankutty et al. (2016).


USA, Illinois, Champaign, Illinois Natural History Survey


California Academy of Sciences


Illinois Natural History Survey