Orthoptera Olivier, 1789, Olivier, 1789

Béthoux, Olivier & Nel, André, 2002, Venation pattern and revision of Orthoptera sensu nov. and sister groups. Phylogeny of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Orthoptera sensu nov., Zootaxa 96, pp. 1-88: 38-39

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.156112

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Orthoptera Olivier, 1789


Orthoptera Olivier, 1789   sensu nov.

New diagnosis. Forewing (figs 1.bc 15­16). MA differentiated into MA 1 and MA 2 (absent in some Caelifera, in all Permoraphidiidae   , and in some Ensifera sensu nov.); MA 1 or MA generally fused with RP (absent in all Caelifera, Metahaglida taxon nov., in some taxa of uncertain position as Tcholmanvissiinae   ); MP simple, exceptionally with few distal branches, strongly concave (autapomorphy within Archaeorthoptera); CuPa simple (exceptionally ramified in Oedischia   ); CuPb simple; vein 1 A simple, metathoracic legs with broadened femora (‘saltatorial’) (putative autapomorphy, unknown in numerous fossil taxa; reversed in some more recent Ensifera such as the Gryllotalpidae   , among others).

Included taxa. Ensifera ‘ sensu lato ’ (see below) and Caelifera.

Discussion. The metathoracic legs are unknown in numerous fossil Archaeorthoptera. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most evident autapomorphies of the Orthoptera   .