Dolichoderus angusticornis Clark

Shattuck, Steven O. & Marsden, Sharon, 2013, Australian species of the ant genus Dolichoderus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), Zootaxa 3716 (2), pp. 101-143: 107

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Dolichoderus angusticornis Clark


Dolichoderus angusticornis Clark 

(Fig. 2)

Dolichoderus angusticornis Clark, 1930: 260  .

Types. 4 worker syntypes (3 (1 missing gaster) in MCZC; 1 in MVMA) from Burracoppin, Western Australia.

Diagnosis. Pronotum rounded, lacking spines, propodeum with elongate spines directed upward at angle of greater than 60 ° to horizontal plane (may be almost vertical), the angle between them approximately 45 °. The presence and angle of the propodeal spines will distinguish this species from all other Australian Dolichoderus  species.

Worker description. See Fig. 2. The available material varies little from the imaged individual.

Measurements (n= 5). CI 93–97; EI 22–23; EL 0.28–0.30; HL 1.28–1.31; HW 1.21–1.27; ML 1.83–1.98; MTL 1.10–1.21; PronI 71.87–76.86; PronW 0.88–0.97; SI 104–115; SL 1.31–1.44.

Material examined. South Australia: 5 miles NE of Fowlers Bay (Taylor,R.W.) (ANIC); Western Australia: Albany (Greaves,T.) (ANIC); Burracoppin ( Cadd,G.) (ANIC); Esperance district (Souza,N.) (JDMC); Junana Rock, 9km NW Mt. Ragged (Taylor,R.W.) (ANIC); Lort River, 44mi. W Esperance (Greaves,T.) (ANIC); nr. Monkey Rock (SE of Jerramungup) (Heterick,B.E.) (JDMC); Mt. Ragged (Feehan,J.E. & Weir,T.A.) (ANIC); Pink Lake (Esperance) (Heterick,B.E.) (JDMC); Thomas River (Greaves,T.) (ANIC); Thomas River, 23 km NW by W of Mt. Arid (Feehan,J.E.) (ANIC).

Comments. Dolichoderus angusticornis  has been collected in dry scrub heath across southern Western Australia and South Australia with workers foraging both day and night.