Dolichoderus rufotibialis Clark

Shattuck, Steven O. & Marsden, Sharon, 2013, Australian species of the ant genus Dolichoderus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), Zootaxa 3716 (2), pp. 101-143: 132

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Dolichoderus rufotibialis Clark


Dolichoderus rufotibialis Clark  (raised to species)

( Fig. 21View FIGURE 21)

Dolichoderus ypsilon rufotibialis Clark, 1930: 259  .

Types. 18 worker syntypes from Albany [approx. 35 °00'S 117 ° 52 'E], Western Australia (11 (1 missing head) in MCZC, 6 in USNM, 1 in MVMA).

Diagnosis. Pronotum rounded, lacking spines; propodeum with elongate spines directed upward at angle of 45 ° or less to horizontal plane, the angle between them at least 90 °; dorsum of petiolar node angular, base of propodeal spines forming a "V" with a narrowly rounded angle connecting their bases; legs long and bicoloured.

This species most closely resembles D. niger  and D. ypsilon  but can be distinguished by the dark femora and lightly coloured tibiae of D. rufotibialis  compared to the uniformly coloured legs in D. niger  (dark-brown) ( Fig. 16View FIGURE 16) and D. ypsilon  (light red or orange) ( Fig. 27View FIGURE 27).

Worker description. See Fig. 21View FIGURE 21. All specimens are morphologically similar to the figured individual.

Measurements (n= 5). CI 92–98; EI 23–24; EL 0.26–0.31; HL 1.19–1.43; HW 1.10–1.23; ML 1.59–2.11; MTL 0.99–1.35; PronI 70.36–75.71; PronW 0.77–0.99; SI 106–117; SL 1.17–1.51.

Material examined. Western Australia: 11mi. NNE Denmark (Britton,E.B.) (ANIC); 6mi. N Denmark (Lowery,B.B.) (ANIC); 7km NE Walpole (Ward,P.S.) (ANIC); Albany (Greaves,T.) (ANIC); Bremer Bay (Heterick,B.E.) (JDMC); Coalmine Bch., Walpole Nornalup NP (Lawrence,J. & Lawrence,N.) (ANIC); Denmark (Greaves,T.) (ANIC); Gold Holes, Stirling Range (Taylor,R.W.) (ANIC); Kenton nr. Mt. Mehniup (Taylor,R.W.) (ANIC); N Walpole, small granite mt. N Mt. Frankland (Taylor,R.W.) (ANIC); Nornalup (Majer,J.D.) (JDMC); nr. Pemberton (Springett,J.) (ANIC); Peppermint Grove (Heterick,B.E.) (JDMC).

Comments. Dolichoderus rufotibialis  is found in open forested habitats such as dry sandy sclerophyll and heath of coastal south-western Western Australia. Foraging is on the ground with nests under rocks and logs.