Dolichoderus semiorbis , Shattuck, Steven O. & Marsden, Sharon, 2013

Shattuck, Steven O. & Marsden, Sharon, 2013, Australian species of the ant genus Dolichoderus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), Zootaxa 3716 (2), pp. 101-143: 138-139

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Dolichoderus semiorbis

sp. n.

Dolichoderus semiorbis  sp. n.

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Types. Holotype worker from Eneabba South Nature Reserve, 29 ° 56.33 'S 115 ° 16.27 'E, April 2004, R. Dunn, pitfall trap, 1.5m shrubland, deep sand on sand dune (ANIC, ANIC 32 -059627).

Diagnosis. Sculpturing on head consisting of large, shallow to moderately deep fovea; pronotum and propodeum lacking spines; posterior face of propodeum strongly concave, separated from the dorsal face by a distinct carina; pubescence on first gastral tergite sparse, if present hairs not overlapping; tibiae lacking erect hairs.

This species most closely resembles D. albamaculus  however it lacks erect hairs on its tibiae, and although possesses a distinct carina on the posterior face of the propodeum, it does not form a lip that projects vertically above the dorsum as it does in D. albamaculus  . This species can be distinguished from D. omicron  , D. canopus  , D. nigricornis  and D. formosus  by the lack of erect hairs on its tibiae, and can be distinguished from D. clusor  , D.

scrobiculatus  , and D. turneri  (which have abundant pubescence on the first gastral tergite) by the sparse or absent pubescence on the first gastral tergite.

Worker description. See Fig. 25 View Figure . All known specimens show little difference from the one figured.

Measurements (n= 1). CI 78; EI 41; EL 0.28; HL 0.86; HW 0.67; ML 1.14; MTL 0.59; PronI 71; PronW 0.47; SI 105; SL 0.70.

Material examined. Western Australia: Eneabba (Sartori,M. & Stone,R.) (JDMC); Eneabba Region (Gove,A. & McCoy,N.) (JDMC).

Comments. Dolichoderus semiorbis  is known from a few specimens collected in low shrubland on a sand dune along the Western Australian coast.