Croton sanctae-crucis Moore (1895: 455)

Pereira, Amanda Da Paixão Noronha, Riina, Ricarda & Caruzo, Maria Beatriz Rossi, 2022, Croton (Euphorbiaceae) of the Brazilian state of Paraná: an annotated checklist, species distribution, and identification key, Phytotaxa 570 (3), pp. 231-274 : 257

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Croton sanctae-crucis Moore (1895: 455)


30. Croton sanctae-crucis Moore (1895: 455) .

Type: — BRAZIL. “Santa Cruz”, s.d., S. Moore 567 (holotype BM 000947402 !; isotypes E 00164718!, P 00634706!, K 000254426!, R 000100773!, NY 00262949!) . ( Fig. 15 View FIGURE 15 , E–I)

This shrub can be recognized by its leaves with basilaminar nectary glands, and delicate inflorescences with sessile staminate and pistillate flowers. As observed by Caruzo (2006), the analyzed collections presented only unisexual basal cymules, differing from the description of Moore (1895). Croton sanctae-crucis shows similarities with C. polygonoides , but they can be differentiated by vegetative and reproductive characteristics (see comments under C. polygonoides ). The species belongs to section Adenophylli . Based on morphology, this species likely belongs to subsect. Pungentes.

Distribution and habitat:— Caruzo et al. (2020) reported the species for the Brazilian midwest (DF, GO, MS) and southeastern region (SP). We extend the distribution range with the first record for Paraná (PR) state. Croton sanctae-crucis grows in ‘cerrado’ vegetation, between 510 and 525 m elevation. ( Fig. 16 View FIGURE 16 ).

Phenology:— Flowering and fruiting from October and November.

Representative specimens:— PARANÁ: Tuneiras do Oeste, Cerrado alterado, 27 November 2012, M. G . Caxambu & F. F . Sanches 4492 ( HCF); acesso pela BR-487, 23°54’39.18”S, 52°45’17.15”W, 524 m, 19 October 2016, A. P. N GoogleMaps . Pereira , F. S . Petrongari & O. L. M . Silva 35 ( SP) .


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