Portia Karsch, 1878

Azarkina, Galina N. & Logunov, Dmitri V., 2010, New data on the jumping spiders of the subfamily Spartaeinae (Araneae: Salticidae) from Africa, African Invertebrates 51 (1), pp. 163-182: 181

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Portia Karsch, 1878


Genus Portia Karsch, 1878 

The genus Portia  consists of 17 described species (Platnick 2009), distributed mostly in the Afrotropical and Oriental regions (Wanless 1978, 1984 a; Murphy & Murphy 1983), but also in the southern regions of the Palaearctic region (Jastrzębski 1997; Song et al. 1999). Here we provide new faunistic records for two Afrotropical species of Portia  .