Meleon Wanless, 1984

Azarkina, Galina N. & Logunov, Dmitri V., 2010, New data on the jumping spiders of the subfamily Spartaeinae (Araneae: Salticidae) from Africa, African Invertebrates 51 (1), pp. 163-182: 170

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Meleon Wanless, 1984


Genus Meleon Wanless, 1984 

This Afrotropical genus currently consists of eight described species (Platnick 2009), occurring from Guinea in the west to Madagascar in the east.

The composition of Meleon  requires further study, as the genus seems to be a paraphyletic taxon. According to Wijesinghe (1994), Meleon  should consist of only three species: M. guineensis (Berland & Millot, 1941)  , M. solitaria (Lessert, 1927)  and M. kenti (Lessert, 1925)  ; the last is the type species. M. madagascarensis  and M. russata  , as stated by Wijesinghe (1994), belong elsewhere. The same seems to hold true for two new Meleon  species recently described by Logunov and Azarkina (2008), viz. M. insularis  and M. raharisonina  , as both are closely related to M. madagascarensis  . The problem of the taxonomic status and composition of Meleon  is outside the scope of the present work and will be considered properly elsewhere by one of us ( DL).