Holcolaetis Simon, 1886

Azarkina, Galina N. & Logunov, Dmitri V., 2010, New data on the jumping spiders of the subfamily Spartaeinae (Araneae: Salticidae) from Africa, African Invertebrates 51 (1), pp. 163-182: 170

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Holcolaetis Simon, 1886


Genus Holcolaetis Simon, 1886 

This is a small Afrotropical genus of eight described species (Platnick 2009), confined to the Afrotropical region except for the single species H. dyali Roewer, 1951  , known from Pakistan (Lahor: Gol Bagh; see Dyal 1935).According to Wanless (1985: 255), the record by Dyal (1935: 222, sub H. vidua Lessert, 1927  ) was based on misidentification. Yet the taxonomic status and validity of the species name H. dyali  remain obscure and require further attention. The genus Holcolaetis  was included in the Spartaeinae  by Rodrigo and Jackson (1992).