Holoparasitus mallorcae, Juvara-Bals, 1975

Witaliński, Wojciech, 2017, Key to the world species of Holoparasitus Oudemans, 1936 (Acari: Parasitiformes: Parasitidae), Zootaxa 4277 (3), pp. 301-351 : 306-307

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4277.3.1

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Holoparasitus mallorcae


Holoparasitus mallorcae species-group ( Juvara-Bals, 2008)

Diagnosis. Female. Presternal plate with denticles or granules, especially at the anterior margin, lateral platelets free; sternum with an axial reticulated or granular band; the thickening of the anterior paragynial edge facing coxa III absent; fixed cheliceral digit with five denticles; gv 2 in unmodified cuticle. First two characters are usually present together, but in a few species only one of them is present.

Male. Sternogenital shield without an excipulum; hypostome with the tonque-shaped, sclerotised central part, extended in many species antero-laterally between the corniculi; hypostomatic setae on a separate piece of cuticle; coxa II possesses anterolaterally denticulate ridge and a basal denticle; femoral main spur and axillary process of the second leg thumb-like and short.

Included species:

1. H. algiersensis Juvara-Bals, 2008 2. H. anaga Juvara-Bals, 2008

3. H. calpetanus Witaliński, 2016

4. H. canariensis Juvara-Bals, 2008 5. H. eivissa Juvara-Bals, 2008

6. H. ellipticus Juvara-Bals & Witaliński, 2000 7. H. franzi Juvara-Bals, 2008

8. H. gibber Juvara-Bals & Witaliński, 2000 9. H. giganteus Juvara-Bals, 2008

10. H. lapalma Juvara-Bals, 2008 11. H. lawrencei Hyatt, 1987

12. H. lunae Juvara-Bals, 2008

13. H. mahnerti Juvara-Bals, 2008 14. H. malleus Juvara-Bals, 2008 15. H. mallorcae Juvara-Bals, 1975 16. H. maritimus Hyatt, 1987

17. H. rifensis Juvara-Bals, 2008 18. H. siculus ( Berlese, 1906)

19. H. singularis Juvara-Bals, 2008 20. H. variabilis Juvara-Bals, 2008 21. H. vaucheri Juvara-Bals, 2008

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