Aspidiophorus cf. oculifer

Kånneby, Tobias, 2011, New species and new records of freshwater Chaetonotida (Gastrotricha) from Sweden, Zootaxa 3115, pp. 29-55: 33-34

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.206874

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Aspidiophorus cf. oculifer


Aspidiophorus cf. oculifer 

Localities. Sphagnum  spp. Bog at Highway E 10, Lapland (N 68 º 26 ’02’’; E 18 º 15 ’01’’).

Material. 1 specimen. TL, 110 µm; FL, 12 µm; AL, 6 µm; PhL, 27–28 µm; MD, 3–4 µm; DC, 19–20; DR, 36– 38; VC, NA; TS, 3– 4 x 3–4 µm; VTS, 9–10 x NA µm; PL, 0.5– 1 µm.

The specimen of Aspidiophorus cf. oculifer  agrees well with the description of A. oculifer  above and data from the literature. However, the Swedish specimen disagrees with the description of A. oculifer  in that it lacks a pair of ocellar granules. The lack of ocellar granules alone does not justify describing A. cf. oculifer  as a new species. Ocellar granules have been reported to be either present or absent in different populations of the same species (e. g. Heterolepidoderma ocellatum  ) ( Schwank 1990; Fregni et al. 1998).


Phycological Lab Herbarium, University of Messina