Aspidiophorus oculifer Kisielewski, 1981

Kånneby, Tobias, 2011, New species and new records of freshwater Chaetonotida (Gastrotricha) from Sweden, Zootaxa 3115, pp. 29-55: 33

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Aspidiophorus oculifer Kisielewski, 1981


Aspidiophorus oculifer Kisielewski, 1981 

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Localities. A small pond close to lake Torneträsk at Abisko Scientific Research Station, Abisko, Lapland (N 68 º 21 ’ 19 ’’; E 18 º 49 ’ 21 ’’).

Material. 1 specimen. TL, 120 µm; FL, 15 µm; AL, 6 µm; PhL, 30 µm; MD, 4 µm; DC, 19–20; DR, 40–42; VC, 9–10; TS, 3– 4 x 3 µm; VTS, 10 x 4 µm; PL, 0.5– 1 µm.

A small sized and rather stout species with five-lobed head and a pair of ocellar granules. Hypostomium weakly developed. Adhesive tubes short, stocky and thick, ending in a notch. Anterior sensory bristles apparently absent, posterior sensory bristles anchored by double keeled scales. Dorsal scales are rhomboidal with rounded edges and increase in size towards the posterior end. Ventral interciliary field with a pair of spined terminal scales and 9–10 columns of keels; scales apparently not developed. Ventral ciliation in two longitudinal bands not merging on the head, however a short longitudinal band of ciliary rows is present behind the mouth. Pharynx slightly swollen at both ends. The Swedish specimen was in parthenogenetic phase and agrees well with literature data.

Previously recorded from Germany ( Schwank 1990), Italy ( Balsamo 1990), Poland ( Kisielewski 1998), Russia ( Tretjakova 1991) and Brazil ( Kisielewski 1991).


Phycological Lab Herbarium, University of Messina