Chaetostoma setosus Boulenger, 1887

Ardila, Carlos, 2017, A new species of the catfish genus Cordylancistrus (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, Zootaxa 4329 (3), pp. 256-266: 261-262

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Chaetostoma setosus Boulenger, 1887


Comparison between Chaetostoma setosus Boulenger, 1887  and Dolichancistrus setosus Ballen & Vari, 2012  .

Boulenger (1887) described Chaetostomus setosus  from the Andes of Colombia, without giving a precise locality, and, in the original description, there is no mention of a fleshy keel or excrescence on the posterior end of the supraoccipital. Examination of the types of C. setosus  confirm absence of the fleshy keel. Additionally, C. setosus  has an elongated pectoral-fin spine, which reaches the posterior border of pelvic-fin, at least in males.

Ballen & Vari (2012) reviewed the species of the genus Dolichancistrus  . They analyzed two lots that they identified as Dolichancistrus setosus ( Boulenger, 1887)  . Among other external characters, they pointed out that these specimens have a fleshy keel on the supraoccipital. According to our observations these specimens clearly represent a different species from C. setosus  of Boulenger. We examined CIUA 698 and ICNMHN 1158 used by Ballen & Vari (2012), and we have confirmed that these specimens belong to C. tayrona  n. sp. and not to C. setosus Boulenger, 1887  .