Phalangopsidae Blanchard, 1845,

Desutter-Grandcolas, Laure, 2015, Phalangopsidae crickets from Tropical Africa (Orthoptera, Grylloidea), with descriptions of new taxa and an identification key for African genera, Zootaxa 3948 (3), pp. 451-496: 454

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Phalangopsidae Blanchard, 1845


Phalangopsidae Blanchard, 1845 

Remark. I consider here the family Phalangopsidae  as the monophyletic group attested by molecular phylogeny ( Chintauan-Marquier et al. 2013, 2015) and redefined in Desutter-Grandcolas et al. (submit.). This family corresponds to the " Phalangopsinae  subfamily group" used in the OSF, except that it includes most of the taxa of the Gryllomorphinae  subfamily usually classified within the " Gryllinae  subfamily group". Its subfamilial and tribal subdivisions are today not fully settled, as most subfamilies and tribes, except the subfamily Phaloriinae  Gorochov, 1985, were found para- or polyphyletic with molecular evidence. This subfamily is redefined here, to complete previous definitions which were very short and did not describe most morphological characters.