Argyresthia Hübner

Liu, Tengteng, Wang, Shuxia & Li, Houhun, 2017, Review of the genus Argyresthia Hübner, [1825] (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutoidea: Argyresthiidae) from China, with descriptions of forty-three new species, Zootaxa 4292 (1), pp. 1-135: 24

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.827746

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Argyresthia Hübner


Subgenus Argyresthia Hübner  , [1825]

Argyresthia Hübner  , [1825]: 422. Type species: Phalaena (Tinea) goedartella Linnaeus, 1758  , by subsequent designation.

Subgeneric characters. Forewing ratio 3.6̄5.5, R1 usually originating before basal 2/5 of upper margin of cell, occasionally from middle of upper margin of cell (e.g., A. (A.) punctuata  , sp. nov.), R4 and R5 usually separate, rarely stalked (e.g., A. (A.) cardiopetala  , sp. nov.). Male genitalia with gnathos sometimes inflated distally, with several long, thick setae apically; valva with a clump or a row of long, thick setae in disc, occasionally densely covered with short setae (e.g., A. (A.) metallicolor Moriuti, 1969  , A. (A.) ellipsoidea  , sp. nov.); phallus with cornutus composed of a long spine and numerous micro-spines surrounding it. Female genitalia with basal plate of signum not rounded, usually bearing two horns, rarely lacking horn (e.g., A. (A.) retinella  ).