Bromus pseudolaevipes Wagnon (1950: 64)

Saarela, Jeffery M., Peterson, Paul M. & Valdés-Reyna, Jesus, 2014, A taxonomic revision of Bromus (Poaceae: Pooideae: Bromeae) in México and Central America, Phytotaxa 185 (1), pp. 1-147 : 110-112

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Bromus pseudolaevipes Wagnon (1950: 64)


18. Bromus pseudolaevipes Wagnon (1950: 64) View in CoL . Figs. 58 View FIGURE 58 , 59 View FIGURE 59 .

Bromopsis pseudolaevipes (Wagnon) Holub (1973: 168) . Type:— UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Cultivated: grown at the Botanical Gardens, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2 June 1948, H.K. Wagnon 1507; original source from seed reproduced at the Univeristy of California, Berkeley, originally collected by G. L . Stebbins Jr. 2862 along the Ridge Route Wof Castaic , Los Angeles Co. (holotype MICH-1108615 !, isotypes CAS-0027837!, MO-1600838 !) .

Plants perennial, not rhizomatous. Culms 60–125 cm tall, 2–4 mm wide at base, erect or ascending, pubescent below inflorescences; nodes 2–5, pubescent. Leaf sheaths glabrous or densely pilose, hairs up to 1.2 mm long; 110 Phytotaxa 185 (1) © 2014 Magnolia Press


Phytotaxa 185 (1) © 2014 Magnolia Press 111 auricles usually present on the lower leaves, sometimes absent; ligules 0.4–1(–2) mm long, glabrous or pubescent; blades up to 35 cm × 2–9 mm, flat, adaxial and abaxial surfaces pubescent throughout or on margins, hairs up to 0.6 mm long, rarely glabrous, margins serrulate. Panicles 7.5–20 cm × up to 14 mm, open, nodding, branches erect to ascending, 0.3–4 cm long, longer or shorter than spikelets, pubescent, 2–3(–4) spikelets per branch. Spikelets 1.5–3.5 cm long, 4–10-flowered, elliptic to lanceolate, terete to moderately laterally compressed; glumes scabrous or pubescent, hairs up to 0.3 mm long, margins hyaline, midnerves pubescent; lower glumes 4–7 mm long, lanceolate to oblong, 3-nerved, green along and between the nerves, apices acute; upper glumes 6–9 mm long, oblong-ovate, 5-nerved, green along and between the nerves, apices acute to obtuse; lemmas 10–12.5 mm long, elliptic to lanceolate, rounded over the backs, apices obtuse to truncate, 7-nerved, green along and between the nerves, pubescent throughout or hairs restricted to margins, hairs up to 0.5 mm long; awns 2–5.5 mm long, inserted up to 0.5 mm below lemma apex, straight; paleas shorter and narrower than the lemmas, backs pubescent, keels ciliate, cilia up to 0.3 mm long; anthers 3.5–5.5 mm; caryopses 8−10 mm long, dark brown to black. 2 n = 14 ( Wagnon 1950).

Distribution: —Native. In México B. pseudolaevipes is known from northern Baja California ( Fig. 60 View FIGURE 60 ). We have seen only a single specimen of the taxon from México. Gould & Moran (1981) also reported B. pseudolaevipes from Baja California. They noted the specimen they cited (Beetle M-2696, near and Eof Rosarito; not seen) to be "atypical in having blades to 14 mm broad" ( Gould & Moran 1981: 30), which is outside the range of variation known for this species ( Pavlick & Anderton 2007, Saarela & Peterson 2012). Bromus pseudolaevipes has been considered to be endemic to California ( Wagnon 1952, Peterson & Soreng 2007), but it is not, given its occurrence in Baja California. Pavlick & Anderton (2007) state that B. pseudolaevipes is not known from México, which is incorrect. In the United States it occurs in the Coastal ranges of California ( Pavlick & Anderton 2007, Saarela & Peterson 2012).

Ecology:— Shaded or semi-shaded sites in chaparral, coastal sage scrub and open woodland; associated with Arctostaphylos , Ceanothus , Rhus and Eriogonum fasciculatum Bentham (1836: 411) Elevation : 1350 min México.

Common Names: —Woodland brome (English).

Comments: — Bromus pseudolaevipes is distinguished by its five-nerved upper glumes. It is the only species in sect. Bromopsis in México with this character.

Specimen Examined:— MÉXICO. Baja California: Sierra San Pedro Martír , 1.1 mi SW of Mike's Sky Ranch on road towards Meling Ranch, 1350 m, 31.109°N, 115.6508°W, 25 September 2000, P. M GoogleMaps . Peterson & J . Cayouette 15211 ( CAN, US).

112 Phytotaxa 185 (1) © 2014 Magnolia Press



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Bromus pseudolaevipes Wagnon (1950: 64)

Saarela, Jeffery M., Peterson, Paul M. & Valdés-Reyna, Jesus 2014

Bromopsis pseudolaevipes (Wagnon)

Holub, J. 1973: )
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