Psechrus sinensis, Berland & Berland, 1914

Bayer, Steffen, 2014, Seven new species of Psechrus and additional taxonomic contributions to the knowledge of the spider family Psechridae (Araneae), Zootaxa 3826 (1), pp. 1-54 : 22

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3826.1.1

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Psechrus sinensis


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Diagnosis (reproduced from Bayer 2012): Males with complex conductor and embulus: Conductor with pointed distal ending(s) and numerous small or very small, short spines or tubercles ( Figs 12 View FIGURE 12 , 13 View FIGURE 13 A, 15; Bayer 2012, figs 52a–b, 54a–b, 56a–b, 61a–b, 66a); Embolus always with distinct base containing either ridges ( Bayer 2012, fig. 66c) and/or serrated margins ( Bayer 2012, figs 56b, 62b) and/or very small tubercles ( Bayer 2012, fig. 52c, 54b–c).

In females, median septum generally longer than broad ( Bayer 2012, figs 53a, 62a) (alternatively almost as long as broad, Bayer 2012, fig. 55e); copulatory ducts long and with bulbous ( Bayer 2012, figs 53b, 63b, 64b) and/ or twisted ( Figs 14 View FIGURE 14 B, 16B; Bayer 2012, figs 55f, 59b) sections.

The sinensis -group includes the following 12 species: Psechrus sinensis Berland & Berland, 1914 , P. triangulus Yang, Zhang, Zhu & Song, 2003, P. tingpingensis Yin, Wang & Zhang, 1985 , P. obtectus Bayer, 2012 , P. fuscai Bayer, 2012 , P. kunmingensis Yin, Wang & Zhang, 1985 , P. jinggangensis Wang & Yin, 2001 , P. senoculatus Yin, Wang & Zhang, 1985 , P. kenting Yoshida, 2009 , P. taiwanensis Wang & Yin, 2001 , P. clavis Bayer, 2012 , and P. ampullaceus sp. nov.. The sinensis -group is distributed in China, Taiwan and Vietnam. It is possible that (additional) species of this group will be also found in Myanmar and Laos in the future.













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