Sertularella blanconae El Beshbeeshy, 2011,

Galea, Horia R. & Schories, Dirk, 2012, Some hydrozoans (Cnidaria) from Central Chile and the Strait of Magellan, Zootaxa 3296, pp. 19-67: 37

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Sertularella blanconae El Beshbeeshy, 2011


Sertularella blanconae El Beshbeeshy, 2011 

(fig. 3 P –S, table 2)

Sertularella blanconae El Beshbeeshy, 1991: 156  , fig. 38 (nomen nudum) — El Beshbeeshy, 2011: 125, fig. 39. Sertularella geodiae  — Blanco, 1976: 39, pl. 3 figs 7, 8 (not Sertularella geodiae Totton, 1930  ).? Sertularella gayi  var. gayi  — Stepanjants, 1979: pl. 16 fig. 4 A, B.

Material examined. Stn. FSI — 04.i. 2011, S 27 (40 m): fragmentary material composed of sterile pieces of stems and branches, 0.6–2.8 cm high (MHNG-INVE- 79623).

Description. Material fragmentary, no hydrorhizae. Stems monosiphonic, irregularly and sparingly branched, with occasional terminal stolonization; divided into internodes by means of weak oblique constrictions of the perisarc. Internodes varied in length, though rather short, not surpassing two times the length of the adnate wall of hydrotheca. Side branches borne on short apophyses of the stem, given off laterally from below a hydrotheca; first internode comparatively longer than subsequent ones. Hydrotheca borne on distal end of each internode, flask shaped, slightly swollen basally; adnate for about half of its adaxial side; free part with three undulations, more prominent proximally, weaker distally, prolonged as inconspicuous transverse ridges at surface of hydrotheca till the abcauline wall; the latter, slightly sigmoid, concave for proximal 3 / 4 th, then convex, surface smooth or slightly undulated; aperture mounted on short neck, this expanding at rim; no internal projections of perisarc; rim with 4 triangular cusps separated by moderately deep embayments; hydrothecae occasionally renovated; opercular flaps with conspicuous concentric striae. Gonothecae absent.

Remarks. El Beshbeeshy (2011) indicated the main differences between his species and S. geodiae Totton, 1930  [the angle between the internode and the free adaxial wall of hydrotheca is wider (ca. 70 °) in the latter compared to S. blanconae  (40–45 °), and the adnate part of the adaxial side of hydrotheca is comparatively longer in S. geodiae  with respect to the free part], and we concur. We also follow, though with some reserve, El Beshbeeshy's view and include in the synonymy of this species the specimens from the Falkland Islands and Tierra del Fuego assigned by Stepanjants (1979) to S. gayi  , the latter being likely absent from the South American continent.

Our material comprises only fragmentary colonies with monosiphonic stems, though the specimens examined by El Beshbeeshy, Blanco (1976), and Stepanjants (1979) were polysiphonic.

Distribution in Chile. The present record is from the Strait of Magellan.

World records. Off the Argentinean provinces of Buenos Aires and Santa Cruz, between Tierra del Fuego and the Falkland Islands, off the east-southeastern coast of Falkland Islands ( Blanco 1976, Stepanjants 1979, El Beshbeeshy 2011).














Sertularella blanconae El Beshbeeshy, 2011

Galea, Horia R. & Schories, Dirk 2012

Sertularella blanconae

El 2011: 125
El 1991: 156
Blanco 1976: 39