Stenoloba Staudinger, 1892

Han, Hui Lin & Kononenko, Vladimir S., 2021, Two new species of Stenoloba Staudinger, 1892 and one Victrix Staudinger, 1879 from East Asia and China (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Bryophlilinae), Zootaxa 4951 (2), pp. 342-352 : 343

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4951.2.7

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Stenoloba Staudinger, 1892


Genus Stenoloba Staudinger, 1892 View in CoL

Stenoloba Staudinger, 1892 View in CoL , in Romanoff, Mémoires sur les Lépidoptéres 6: 381.

Type-species: Dichagyris jankowskii Oberthür, 1884 , Etudes d’Entomologie 10: 28, Pl. 3: 5, by monotypy. Type-locality: [ Russia, Primorye terr.], Sidemi.

Synonymy: Neothripa Hampson ; Lepidopyga Warren View in CoL ; Conicochita Hampson.

Stenoloba Staudinger is an exclusively East Asian genus of the subfamily Bryophilinae distributed from India to Indonesia, China, Japan, the Korean peninsula and south of the Russian Far East. The genus demonstrates high species richness in East Asia. The centre of diversity of Stenoloba is apparently Southwest and South China (incl. Taiwan Isl.) and adjacent regions of neighbouring countries in the Indochina peninsula, Malaysia and Indonesia. Most species occurring in the Indochina peninsula are recorded from the northeast of the peninsula. Only two species are known from Thailand and only two from Laos, and, until now, not one Stenoloba species was known from Cambodia. The descriptions of two new species from Cambodia and Laos follow.

The diagnosis and taxonomic history of Stenoloba have been presented by Kononenko & Ronkay (2000), Han & Kononenko (2009, 2018), Holloway (2009), and Behounek & Kononenko (2010). The genus was originally described as monotypic based on the externally odd type-species Dichagyris jankowskii Oberthür, 1884 ( Staudinger 1892) . The global revision of Stenoloba was published by Kononenko & Ronkay (2000, 2001) with 47 recognized species, 25 of them new. Subsequently, 47 new taxa were described by various authors ( Chang 1991; Chen 1999; Ronkay 2001; Sohn & Han 2005; Han & Lü 2007; Han & Kononenko 2009, 2015, 2018; Holloway 2009; Behounek & Kononenko 2010; Han et al. 2011; Pekarsky 2011; Sohn & Tzuo 2012 (synonymised); Pekarsky & Saldatis 2013; Pekarsky et al. 2013; Saldaitis & Volynkin 2020). Including species described by Saldaitis & Volynkin (2020) and in this publication, the genus at present, includes 96 species in 14 species-groups..












Stenoloba Staudinger, 1892

Han, Hui Lin & Kononenko, Vladimir S. 2021


Staudinger 1892
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